Do you ever randomly see people yoyoing?

I NEVER have seen anyone randonly yoyoing…makes me sad… Have you!??

Nope, can’t say that I have. Makes me sad to. :frowning:

I saw this one guy out of my window. Then I realized it was actually a mirror :frowning:

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No, only the guy that got me into yoyoing. So I consider myself lucky lol

Saw a guy throwing a northstar at six flags during a band trip. I asked if I could use it he said no :’(

The funny thing is ive seen many people playing with kendamas, just not yoyos!!!.. :wink:

I have not even seen that, but nobody does anything interesting around here lol.

Once and only once… At the maryland fair. He was just doing simple tricks with this… odd looking responsive yoyo…

I’ve seen soooo many kendama players just around portland. I also see a yoyoer I haven’t met every now and then

You are lucky lol

On multiple occasions. Once at Disneyland, once at my local walmart, and once at a local fair.

Not like us. I’ve seen a couple of teens with responsive yomegas or something like that. And I only had a little asian kid approach me to ask to use my g5 because he also throws. He was about my skill level too.

Only one time when I was visiting California last year. We were eating at Bubba Gump’s and I saw this kid throwing an unresponsive yoyo. I ran into him outside the restaurant and asked him if I could use it. He said yes and I threw down my sickness. It turns out it was a YYF. I think it was a DV888 or something similar I asked him if he was on YYE and he said no :frowning: I told him to join…but I’m not sure if he ever did. He was a young asian kid, maybe 15…

I saw a kid in front of toys r us doing Eli hops when I was about to get my very first throw. I also (as you know ;)) saw augies bro yoyoing in line at in n out. And I think that’s it. My dad saw 1 guy doin it and was trying to make me talk to him but he left.


But if you asked this question on an Ottawa forum of some sort (if such things exist) I’m sure many people would say, “I saw this older dude, just doing these INSANE tricks on a yoyo of all things. It was so random!” I throw all the time, all over the place.

(not that my tricks are insane, but they’d think so)

So yeah. Let’s all try to BE that person randomly throwing out and about. :wink:

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The only people I have seen I know. So in my town- there is a legend who has been yoyoing all his life, a really good kid who got into it from him, and then his friends who are good (me, --, —) and then there are all the 10 yr olds that think they know the whole kitten kaboodle.

So yeah. I know 90% of anyone yoyoing in my town…

But never seen someone randomly throwing anywhere.

I haven’t seen anyone throwing, but I throw everywhere I go and that has given me the oppertunity to have a few people that get down approach me a throw down a little.

Anyone who throws in the Philly area looking to start a crew, message me

No but I have had a case where a kid at my school came in with a Magicyoyo t8 and asked me to use it. That and when I was at a party I learned that one of my brothers friends (their twins) older brother used to Yoyo when it was big around 2007 when MD state Yoyo competition was a thing.

Similar experience here, except he didn’t know that it was unresponsive so he thought it was broken, so he asked me to fix it. Long story short, I’ve never seen him throw that yoyo ever, despite the fact it was a yyf counterattack, which I’m pretty sure probably costed him around $30 or so. It was a weird little occasion, but I tried to teach him how to use it, and I guess it never clicked :confused:

I’ve never seen a random yoyoer, nor have I seen a kendama player.
Actually… I’ve never met anyone besides the four kendama players I know that even know what a kendama is…