Do non-yoyoers care about color?

Do non-yoyoers care about the color of your yoyo? What is the best color a yoyo can be? I say purple and yellow. Suppose we have a dark background, the yellow shows and a light background the purple shows.

EVERYONE cares about color. It’s a universal thing that is used by marketers in everything you use and see daily. Kids (and women <3) love awesome splash anodizing on yoyos. Bright colors usually are best (for yoyos).

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No. Maybe a little but not that much.

They would be amazed by the tricks more than anything, but I think bright colors could catch anyone’s eyes.

I’ve had lots of non-players complain at contests that they can’t see what’s going on because kids get on stage with yoyos that don’t contrast enough with whatever clothing they’re wearing.

If you can’t see what’s going on, yeah…color matters.

that’s more toward string generally

I just recently fell in love with black yoyos with pink string. Hart foundation ftw! On topic, all non-throwers I’ve met that have had a conversation with me are mostly impressed with the fact that yoyoing is more than up and down. I then open my case and are blown away with the different kinds of yoyos. Color does play a part of course, but everyone I’ve ran into cared more that there are hundreds of different yoyos, a whole culture they had no idea existed.

i agree. however, i don’t think they really care so much about the particular color. i think they only care that it isn’t a bad one.

No, they specifically said they couldn’t see the yoyo itself.

I think it is only an issue when the color detracts somehow from the performance. It is sort of like the color of the pants I am wearing. No one cares unless the color clashes with my shirt.

I always pay attention to colors, no matter what I’m watching. If I’m watching any sport, I always take note of the color of uniforms or whatever relative gear. It is something else to enjoy seeing…or not, and just adds to the overall entertainment from the position of a spectator. It’s just that added little something that, if it coordinates well enough, it can enhance the experience of watching a performance (eye candy). In the alternative, if it does not coordinate well, it can potentially distract from the performance too.

But, aside from my personal thoughts, I think the answer is, that some will care, some will not. Whether “they” care would be based on the individual. All non-yoyoers won’t see things the same way, just as all yo-yoers do not see things the same way. But, there are certainly legitimate reasons to care.

All I can offer is a personal opinion. I like red but to me color makes no difference. It is just fun to see a good player throw.

Lemme just say, Silver or Gold. with White or Yellow string respectively.
That makes everyone go DANG, Due to the professional feel of em.
When I throw my YYR in front of people, they’re more responsive to it than when I use Plastics etc. I prefer using very bright pinks and blues :slight_smile:

i absolutely agree with you.


From an aesthetic point of view I’m sure some people who have no interest in yoyos would still think that some colorways are interesting. The majority of people who have no interest in yoyos probably also have no interest in what colorway your yoyo is either, though.

From appreciating the play of a yoyo, throwing a black yoyo with a black shirt (aka typical nerd body armor no matter how hot is it outside) is a lot like throwing with a white string in front of a white wall when you’re practicing at home. The simplest way to make everything pop when other people are watching is a solid colored outfit, a solid contrasting colored yoyo (shiny is good) and a bright string that contrasts both the outfit and yoyo. Didn’t read all the responses but Steve Brown and aznnboyaZ are both spot on.

they like splashes and bright colored colors

Acrylic yoyos catch peoples eyes.

What he said. It all matters. Neon string and a contrasting yoyo.

That depends on the person and the splash. My Black and gold Genesis had people looking at it in awe but someone at work saw my acid silver and black supernova and thought it was a reject I’d got cheap because of the splash.