DMII or Hitman Pro

Okay, so I have enough money for one of the throws in my subject, $45. Want to know your opinions on them; the feel, the shape, how they play, etc. I’ve really been wrapping my head around these two for a few days now. The throws I have now are nickel dingo, PGM, Black Knight, Kickside, Mini Motu, and Starlite. So no real idea on either of the two I guess. So yeah, help? lol

ok $45 budget? what if i told you you could get a HIGH END ALL METAL YOYO WITH $44!!!

THE DV888! It is by far a high end metal that plays like a high end metal because it is a high end metal!!!
so dv888 vs dm vs hitman pro???
dark magic 2 has a hollow platic body with some metal rims.
hitman pro came out on 2011 January something so its new. But new doesn’t mean it is good.
hitman pro is just like and xconvict but bigger. plastic core with wide metal rims.

well if they are all the same price as a high end metal is it obvious or not??
all those yyj METAL/BRASS RIM yoyos, why not get a FULL HIGH END METAL yoyo for about the same price?

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Valid point, I’m going to give the dv888 a shot, lol. My only concern, is the axle. To me, YYF axles are way too short, since my pgm had a conflict with it’s original axle a few throws after opening it, where I had to take it apart and untangle some string. Just so happened the two halves weren’t screwing together, so I checked the hubs and nothing was stripped, even bought a new axle to be sure. I was able to use a screw the same size as the stackposts, and everything was fine, but still.

The axle’s length doesn’t hinder the yoyo’s quality or play…I owned a Dv888 awhile but I stripped the inside of the yoyo’s thread after attatching the yoyo to a drill.(My fault). I personally highly reccommend a Dv888. :slight_smile:

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I have a question before you buy, do you like undersize yoyo, because DV888 is an undersized yoyo. If you like it then the DV888 will be a good choice

Yeah, undersized throws are fine with me, love the dingo and mini motu I have, usually have one or the other with me when I’m out.

Can you sili the dv888 or anything of that to replace the response? PGM I have had K-Pads, and I didn’t particularly care for them at all. Seemed slippy with binds and grippy when layered a few times.

Although the dv888 is very nice, I do have to say that a protostar or northstar would be just as good. I learned how to yoyo with a lunatic and never owned a plastic yoyo. Went to a yoyo club and played the protostar and was SHOCKED at how comparible it is to metal yoyos. For only 35 bucks ide say get one of those. Or a northstar if u like a heavier yoyo. Northstar has some new colors coming very soon too.

The hitman pro is what I would go with because it grinds so well

Both of these throws are AWESOME!!! I own the Hitman Pro and I’ve played the DM2. Both are super smooth and great players, you won’t go wrong w/ either one.

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I have the original hitman, dv888, mini motu, protostar, and I owned an old DM. I would say that I like all of them. The dv88 is certainly a good choice though, and yes you can put silicone in it.

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yeah. you can sili it. I have a dv888 and I said bleep you DMII!!! yes I have a DMII… Dv888 grinds awesomely. Ive gotten hand grind up to 7 seconds. I love the Dv888 its my main throw and its so cute and undersized!!! I havnt tryed out the hitman, but get the Dv888 for just $3 more. I mean seriously. Dv888 is the best. Its so smooth. until you ding it… plays taps Although, it is actually lighter than the DMII. I’ts your choice. you will get the Dv888 though… trust it is (awesomeness)

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The response that comes with the Dv888 works great, but when they wear out you can silicon the responsa area.

i was the guy who started the whole dv888 thing in this forum.
Of course bi-metal northstar would be comparible BUT THINK IT THIS WAY:

There were 2 yoyo’s on a desk: The Northstar, Dv888. The owner said you could have one for free. Which one would YOU choose for free? Obviously I would get a dv888 cause it’s a high end metal but I still dont get the bi-metal VS high end metal thing.


as you can see its full plastic not a bi-metal

Wrong. Actually a northstar has anodised aluminum on the rim which maes it bi-aluminum. i consider bi-aluminum and bi-me

Wrong. The YYJ bi-metals are yo-yo’s where the rims themselves are a composite of materials consisting of two different densities, in this case, metal and plastic. This is patented by YYJ, so unless they license it to a company, nobody else can do it. The Northstar has metal weight rings installed. It’s not a composite. Totally different things.

Also, I’m not sure how you “started” he DV888 thing on here? That doesn’t make sense.

A yo-yo made of metal isn’t necessarily better than one made of plastic. To say otherwise is silly and fanboy-ish. It’s purely preference.

Wrong again…
Those are weight rings. Many yoyos use metal weight rings for rim weight. That does not qualify them as bi-metal (as used here).

Actually the term bi-metal as used here is wrong also. People are using the term to represent a plastic/metal construction yoyo. The proper interpretation of bi-metal would imply that it is two metals, as in a bimetalic strip.


pwnd. kinda. well what should we call it then? i am a science buff and i know that bi metal wasnt the right term but thats what everyone calls it.

Hitman Pro. The DM2 is a really good yoyo also, but the Hitman Pro is better just by a little.

You’re right. I got caught up with the bi-metal talk, when I should have used bi-material. Bi-metal would be the Phenom or the Helix.