Disc Golfers of yoyoeXpert Thread

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Who here plays disc golf? I’ve recently gotten pretty good, and generally average only a few strokes over par per game now.


This guy! ;D


I play on my sub-par campus coarse every once and a while, but I enjoy it every time. I can’t actually golf anymore so its the best alternative.

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Ha nice! I’d pick up one of the General Yo discs, but $15 + Shipping is more than I’d like to pay for what I believe is a standard DX disc.


I play it, but my only local course is this crappy one behind a high school, but its better than nothing!


I was actually thinking of starting this thread today LOL

Anyway I’ve been playing for about 5 years, and I’m actually making the trip up to Crown Point for pro worlds (I’m not competing, just watching). I win pretty often (about 60%) at weekly leagues against players who are former/current pros, and I’m almost half their ages. Needless to say I LOVE disc golf. I can get out to a course almost every day, so that’s where I spend most of my free time (when the ground’s dry).

Because putter preference always interests me, what do y’all putt with? I’m using the old HPP Magics from Gateway (the opaque ones). I still don’t know why they changed that plastic

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I putt with a Purple DX with Green stamp Camp Durant Aviar, and Red Birdie.

My entire Disc arsenal consists of:

2X Roc


I know Ernie from General Yo does, but I personally feel that I would be terrible at Disc Golf.

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You don’t know until you’ve tried.


I usually go camping over the summer and at the campsite they have a pretty decent disc golf course.
Ive tried it a few times but I just don’t think its my thing

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Eh I’m more of an Ultimate player but have always wanted to try disc golf.


Yeah I love playing ultimate. I need to try disc golf.


Got a course in my backyard. But i live in the forest…


Wooded course is best course.

They teach accuracy and how to shape a shot. Plus there aren’t any birds to poop on your bag :wink:

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I beg to differ. I almost hit an owl with about a four foot wingspan once (That thing was huge!). I think most people would consider Owl’s birds.


My friend accidentally killed a squirrel playing disc golf at his bachelor party the other weekend. Wooded courses definitely a challenge!

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Just bumping this thread.


Dat shaving cream :open_mouth:

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Actually, that one was done with sharpies.


Yeah! Disk golf!