Disc golfers of yye thread

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If you play disc golf post here. It’s really that simple.

My current favorite discs are wraiths, Valkyries, teebirds, rocs, and a buzzz. I putt with aviars.


Boss, Nuke SS.


Heres my entire bag and what I use them for
I work at a game store and have gotten the chance to try MANY MANY discs
These are the ones that I like the best

Gazell (Long Distance, curve)
Firebird (Go-To driver, straight)
#1 Driver (Distance, curve)
Boss (Long distance, straight)

Mid Ranges:
Lepoard (In between driver and mid, curve)
Wolf (straightest flying disc I’ve ever played)
Roc (Go-To mid, curve)

Rhino (far, straight)
Magnet (close, curve)
Aviar (close, straight)

Skeeter (hammer)
Epic (for those pesky par 5s)
Blowfly I (gummy putter - weird disc for weird putts)
Mini driver (when the trees are just too thick)

3 random no-name discs I’ve found on courses. Theyre super beat up and I use them when I could lose a disc

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I really hope those aren’t your main discs. Mine are my rocs and teebird.


Awwww man. Just remembered I lost my favorite tee-bird on the last hole of last season


Oooh. Sad times

I lost this super nice putter that had golfball dimples on the top
It was a cool disc but I put it in this super muddy river and I really didnt wanna go for a swim


What’s the best score on your regular course?

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I don’t remember, it’s been so long. However I usually par my school course.


It must be fairly easy… that’s hard to do.


I’ve been discin in for about 8 years now. Haven’t gone in 2 though. I disc golf around the SE michigan area at Stoney creek or addison oaks park mostly. At one point I used to go swamp for discs and had around 150-200. I averaged to a little above par to par at my home courses which are usually expert courses and have thrown quite a few average to insane aces in my day.

I’m going to pick it back up again this year. I got rid of all my discs tho so I’m going to have to restock. Main throws were avenger ss, buzz champ ed mid, and aviator putter. Only 3 I really ever needed minus a few specialties for Tommie throws and stuff, however I’ve thrown almost all discs ever made minus a few. I taught myself to throw left handed to imp my game, I’d recommend it if your looking to get good. Sidearm is great don’t get me wrong, but right curve control is mastered left handed.


Nope! Just drivers, i like TL’s, beasts, and i forgot the name of my putter, i think my brother has it somewhere.


I usually go 2-3 under on the course by my house
My best is 5 under

Harder courses I can par, unless theyre super long
I cant throw as far but Im very accurate on shorter, technical courses

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Not terribly difficult, most are fairly easy.


pretty good.



Its a shorter course with a ton of trees

It does have a par 5 though…
Ive only pared that once

I usually throw like a 6-7 on it


Been throwing for about 15 years now. We have several courses. Dretzka is a pro course and we have several national tourneys a year. It’s got some beastly distance. I can usually get par to a +3 on it. I disagree with some of them being a par 3 though. We have a small course too. I once got a -13 on it


Short course with tons of trees? That’s my backyard lol.


I think that might get confused with yoyoing lol.


Whats a yoyo?
This is a disc golf thread


I was totaling talking about throwing. I’ve been throwing longer than I’ve been throwing.