Looking for recommendations on what to buy next

So, here is the situation: I made a deal with my parents that if I got a 1400/30 or higher on my SAT/ACT, that my parents would buy me $200 worth of yoyos. I have successfully achieved that goal over nearly 6 months of studying and it time to cash in.

Current throws:
Duncan Windrunner
YYF Shutter
Duncan Barracuda X
YYF B-Grade Atlas
YYF Velocity
Duncan Metal Racer
Duncan Pandamonium
Duncan Butterfly XT (currently modded for unresponsive play)
Duncan Butterfly
Some random wooden looping throw

Throws I am currently considering C3YoyoDesign IX, YYF Monster Edge, YYF Wedge, YYF Edge Beyond, OD 1-to-1, and Duncan Freehand AL.

This is where the community comes in handy. I was wondering if you all have any suggestions to add. I will look into any suggestions pretty seriously.

So a little about me and this purchase. My preferred styles are 1a and 5a where I strive to be competitive in both. I do not have a shape of throw I am opposed to as long as there is a wide catch area (not necessarily a wide yoyo). As stated earlier, my budget is $200, but I could go a little over. Unfortunately, this purchase is only going to be unresponsives with more competition in mind, so while I do want a premium wooden throw or a metal responsive, this is not the shopping spree for that. I really need a good plastic for Scales Amateur (I seriously was considering using the Velocity).

One final thing of note, I would prefer to buy off of YYE because of the community support, and the fact that I have not bought from them yet (I know, sorry :pensive:).I am also planning to buy some more Bad Wolf Co. strings because those are made of literal gold.

I know this is a lot, but any suggestions help!!

Thanks in advance!



If I was going to compete, the monometal I’d use, without question, is the One Drop VTWO. It’s my favorite yoyo, period, and other than being on the expensive side ($100), the only real knock against it that anyone can summon is that it is very competition-oriented.


Agreed. The VTwo is my favorite monometal. Something about it just clicks so well with me.


Your collection is missing a light weight bimetal and a one drop. I’d say get an Orbital GTX or G2 Elite for the bimetal and a Top deck, Intro, VTWO, Terrarian, or Virtuoso for the one drop.

Get a speedaholic xx for your plastic!


Terrarian for sure, I just got a fat Tire abs I’m digging it. Anything from one drop will serve you well.


If you’re looking for a good plastic, I can’t recommend the C3 Speedaholic XX enough. A little pricey at $28, but an amazing plastic. Also, all colors available on YYE.


I’ll say I wasn’t a fan of the wedge or edge beyond. The Freehand AL is solid though.

I personally would say if you want a solid bimetal found here on yoyoexpert to look at the galaxy diver or inevitable.

Plastic wise I really enjoy the Dove and Speedaholic XX.


Alright, so I am seeing a lot of love for the Speedaholic XX. Is that a matte finish or is that just how my eyes are picking it up? Is the throw good for grinds (like not that plastic stickiness we all know)?

I totally agree, I have been wanting to add a One Drop to my collection forever, but could not find the money for it, but now I can. I like the suggestions for the Vtwo and I like the shape of the throw a lot.

Really quick (and I am not trying to start a ball bearing debate as this is not the place for that) did you all keep the flat bearing in the throw or not? I am one of those players that likes to keep the yoyo as it is designed (except the Atlas as that benefits from a KonKave); however, I have never had a good 10 ball bearing to slip into various throws and try (I used one from a busted butterfly XT and we don’t talk about that. Does the throw get tilty on the string, or is that just an exaggeration that is made on the forums? I have only played with CTs and KonKave (and the 8 balls Duncan puts in their cheaper throws)

For now, thanks to all of you that have given great suggestions, I hope for more!!

It only gets tilty as a result of the user and their lack of producing straight throws and / or keeping things straight since the string can drift across the bearing more. Flat bearings have a really nice feel and a yoyo coming stock with a flat bearing should not be a reason to avoid purchasing something you really want. I have some yoyos with flat bearings and they feel absolutely groovy!

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I would highly recommend The Edge. I love it, much more then the beyond, honestly wouldn’t waste the $ on the wedge but i don’t care for plastic.
I like your commitment to buy from yye… with your budget you can get 2 or 3 really nice yoyos.


See, that’s what I thought too, there are some pretty animate people against flat bearings, and I just wanted to make sure it wasn’t something I would have to worry about. Yeah, for most things it is user error, not yoyo error

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Thanks for the suggestion!! I was looking into the Edge Beyond after a friend recommended it, and I did not even to think about the Edge

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UNPRLD Elevation is gonna be releasing soon I think it will be priced similarly to Recog and looks really good


Do you happen to have a photo or any description? I can’t seem to find anything.

Also, I love your cat profile pic. Whenever I see it, it makes me smile :smile:. I love cats!!

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If you are comfortable with flat bearings then stick with the stock One Drop bearing. As flat bearings go it is exceptional and will not disappoint you.

However, precession can be rather pronounced with a flat bearing even if your throw is perfectly straight. It’s just physics. However, if that doesn’t bother you, then don’t worry about swapping it out. One Drop 10-ball flats are some of the best bearings available. Period.


Awesome statement there!!

Any other suggestions? The more suggestions I get, the better a decision I can make :smile:! Let’s see some roll in!

If I was going to buy a bimetal from what’s available at YYE today, I would get a Grasshopper GTX.

Along with the TopYo Dominator, it is the best bimetal value you’ll find, IMO.


Raytracer is now only 75 as well. hehe

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