Golf anyone?

Anyone youngsters on here play golf? What clubs you use?

Really? No one on here likes golf??? I have always loved golf but more recently I have had the extreme urge to build my own clubs. There are so many options… Many different carbon shafts, steel shafts, etc… Many different materials for club heads and sizes, shapes… If you love modding and tinkering it can get addicting.

I guess I’m just rambling now.

I golf.

What is your skill level?
That will help me help you :slight_smile:


I play. Im quite dreadful (roughly 20 Handicap T_T)

I play Nike SlingShot Irons
Nike Machspeed SQ Driver
Bronze Odyssee Mallet Putter
Bronze Titleist Oil Can Sand Wedge

I didn’t even notice anyone came in :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m not terrible. I started playing… Umm… Probably about 13-14 years ago. Not all the time mind you. That was prior to my “party” days and getting married, having two kids, getting divorced and, well, much golf didn’t get played in between… Anyways, my clubs were stolen some time back and I am forced to rebuild.

I’ve got some random Nike and Titleist clubs that I found for the low-low and just scored a nice Titleist 909F2 wood for cheap as well. This is quickly becoming like my yoyo career which has been buying/selling/trading non-stop but in my favor (shhh…). :slight_smile:

I’m just glad to be getting back out there. I’m whooping up on these local fools. I live in the center of 8 different golf courses/clubs so there is no lack of players around.

Going back and thinking, I must’ve started about 15 years ago because I was supposed to play for my high school in 9th grade but ended up having “more important” things to do… ::slight_smile:

Hmmm where to start lol

Sounds like your getting back into things, but I’m still not sure your skill level? What do you usually shot? And from which tees do you play?

I’m thinking some good cavity back irons would be good for you, I’d suggest some callaway or Taylor mades. You can get used ones for a pretty fair price. Steel shafts for sure.
Also if you can get fitted, do. But this might change after you get playing more as your stance and swing progress.

There are many good woods on the market now. I would stay away from titleist until you consider yourself a good ball striker and consistent. Depending on the model most titlest aren’t the most forgiving but if you can hit the sweet spot I love it. (I still use my titleist 905r) lost of other models have a larger sweet spot.
I’m guessing you will need a regular flex shaft.

Putter. Pick something you like and stick with it. Lots of money can be lost here lol just get one that feels comfortable and you like looking down on.

Let me know if you have any other questions. I like to play a lot in the summer. I consider myself to
Be pretty good sub 5 handicap from the tips.

I’m on the golf team for my High School.

I don’t even remember… It was around 10-12 handicap… Long time ago. I’m not really looking for club suggestions since I plan on playing about anything I can get my hands on.