General-Yo plays disc golf!

Innova the champion disc golf company, ran off 50 limited DX boss 150gr discs for us.
I love the sport, and Team member Sam Lopez is a pro level dude.
The BOSS is a distance driver, and is very stable.
In a short time I was able to throw it 100 yards and get close to the basket.
Real fun stuff!


Awesome! I love disc golf too!

Wow me and my frend yoyoboy2242 play too.

Nice! I love disc golf, any idea how much/where these are gonna be sold?

Those are sweet! I want to buy a couple!

I was going to bring them to contests.
Will try to figure somthing out.

Is YYE ever going to sell these…? As in, this year?

I too am a disc golfer.

(I do wish it would warm up.) :-\

They will be here on YYE soon. :smiley:

Those look awesome!

I’m thinking they kept them all for themselves…

Hate to necro a thread, but does anyone know if these 150-class bosses are gummy? If so, I may need to get a second boss for personal distance records (550’). I only ask because every 150 dx disc I’ve held felt really hard and I personally like softer discs.

Dx is almost always hard, i would just get a champion one! They are nicer!

Can you use these as Frisbees?

My boss is a champion…

I have but wouldn’t recommend it in even the tinniest bit. Getting hit in the face with one of these (disc golf disc in general, not this specific one) is one of the more painful things that’s happened to me.

Agreed. You can, but by all means don’t.

are these generalyo discs champion?

Disc golf is epic.

I wish…