Boss V. Catalyst

So i see that Augie has recently put out his latest signature throw (his 3rd) and im not aware of what the first one is but i find it humurous that the same player who put out the Boss, a small floaty extremely rim weighted smooth yoyo, is now putting out a huge, 66.5 gram, with not a whole of rim weight (from what i can see from pictures), with a big wing type shape. lol funny

its probally marketing

He likes both I guess. If I am correct, he also loved the genesis

I just love amazing yoyos.

…So I love both the Boss and Catalyst. :smiley:

Hmm… I thought you would

I see a lot of people using large yoyo’s now, and switching over to more ‘full sized throws’ I really don’t know why I <3 undersized. But you know whatever YYF puts out, and if it has Augies name on it is going to be a good throw.

well augie had been using that winston rockstar in competitions and the catalyst is basically a more rounded rockstar with some other stat changes.


180349, have your preferences ever changed?

I’m a HUGE fan of the boss. I have a hard time putting it down, even with my 120 dollar clyw sitting beside me I think th boss just feel right. Perfect weight, nice float, stable, FAST!. I don’t have anything bad to say about the boss…uhh I would have rathered a smaller gap…but hey, if thats my only peeve with it, that’s really good.
I have yet to try the catalyst but I have high hopes for it, I’m a undersized guy myself. Don’t know why, maybe they feel better in my smaller hands but that won’t stop me from getting a catalyst.

Preferences changes with time, as your style grows u want a throw that compliments your style. If you do the same tricks the whole time u throw…u need to advance…lol

The Boss was never really meant to be a freestyle yoyo for me. However, it’s a yoyo I absolutely love to play with offstage. It’s slower-paced than the Catalyst, perfect for going a bit slower and working on new tech combos. It fits into tight spaces easily but still spins like a tank.

The Catalyst, though, is a quick player, tuned to the demands of freestyling. It’s stable but changes plane without slowing down too much, making it perfect for easy tilt adjustment during fast combos.

Plus they both look dang sexy AND have my name on them.


^very true

I have boht, and must say the catalyst is the best YYF ive ever played and ive played ALOT of yyf

You broke rule number 55!

I broke that rule too many times my self :-\

John Chow would like to dissagree. xD