Is the yoyofactory BOSS good? Can somebody tell me about it

The Capless is the same price…

So i skuld get the capless instead



It’s got Augie Fash’s name on it, how can it not be good?

i personally really like how it feels. the rim weight is amazing. never thrown a capless before.


It’s name is boss.

And Augie is Boss…



it’s boss.

I hate to make assumptions, but I don’t think Augie would put his name on anything below his standards, so I think it would be a good undersized throw.

First off, if he’s looking at a Boss, it’s a little different in shape than a Capless. That didn’t answer his question.

Second, I played one of these for a REALLY long time at BLC in like 2009. I loved it so much I just couldn’t put it down. At the price, it’s a must have. Back then it was $80 and I couldnt afford it but it’s cheap right now. I thought it was just perfect. It’s such a fantastic throw. The weight distribution is absolutely perfect too. By far one of my favorites from YYF.

Go for it.



The BOSS is a great yoyo especially for its price. It’s actually been my everyday throw for a few days now. I would say to get it.