Hey people just wondering what people's take on the boss is

Hey what do people think about the, boss, and how good does it play, is it very smooth, what other yoyos would you compare it to. I really want one ain’t got 68$ though, but when I do is this what I should buy???

Depends on your preferences. Do you like bigger or smaller? Heavy or light? Quick or a bit slower?


I like a little smaller a fast spin and I like a good weight so what are you thinking would be right for me and where can I find it cheap

The Boss is a legitimate undersized throw (at about 50mm if memory serves). The C3 Di Base fits your needs a bit better. It’s small without being undersized and plays better than the Boss in my opinion (of course, this could just be personal preference). YYE should have them at about $55.


Cool thanks man

So you got any other suggestions I just want to have some options??

Duncan raptor if you like cheap organic throws.

Yeah just something about the boss seams BOSS LOL

The BOSS is by far one of the best undersized yoyos on the market today. I would highly suggest purchasing one, especially at the cheap price.

My friend owns one. He let me try it. I love it it is extremely good.

I really want one I just don’t have cash I can only trade

I have a boss it’s awesome and maghee is a great seller he is very nice

Really any of the old one drop would be a GREAT SMALL THROW