Any good undersized yoyos??

(M²) #1

I was wandering if anyone knew of a good undersized metal, and unresponsive yoyo? Preferably at $80 or under. Thanks.

(BaileyT) #2

the boss

(JonasK) #3

So many, One Drop has a few good ones.

(M²) #4

I didn’t know the boss was undersized. Sweetness. :smiley:

(DOGS) #5

any fundametals


5Star and Hatrick

(Hardcore_Max) #7

Depending on how undersized you want to go, I’d say the one drop dingo is an excellent choice.


I would say a DV888 because it is very smooth and very nice.


Clyw campfire is a very good undersized yoyo

(M²) #10

I’d get a hatrick but i can’t find any. They don’t sell’m anymore.

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(M²) #12

Not that small.


i have a boss and i love it. its small and fits well in the hand. it plays well and is an all around great yoyo


There are a lot, but I’d recommend the CampFire and the SB Hectic.


you will not regret getting the boss, I promise!


YoYoExpert and the another place where a nation of yoyoers exist (;)) will soon be getting some in stock.

(M²) #17

I know. I read the review. ;D