marcus need yo!!

i am buying a new metal with my aqarius.
my preferences;
must be undersized, will exept some medium.
any shape, exept imperial duh.
must be metal, or hybrid.
really unresponsive, must come unresponsive.
must play from advanced to expert level2, some master

So you basically want any undersized metal/metal-rimmed yoyo?

Dv888. Nice price too.

preferably all metal but will exept hybrid, i love undersized.

any price under $150

Yeah that doesn’t help out a lot. There’s a TON of undersized metals under 150, so if you want help, you should try to give a somewhat accurate preference.

Addment: Or try something new.

something shaped like an 888 but cheaper any idea.


A dv888 would be a great choice for you then. I love mine! It’s a cheap, undersized, all metal, totally unresponsive yo-yo. Great for it’s price and worth buying. If you wanted something a little more expensive take a look at the BOSS from YYF.

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did you git your problem solved with your dv888 sr.

Yeah sort of, it’s getting better.

well good luck sr. ;D

Thanks, I hope it or me gets better too. But we really should get back on topic now.

ya, i think i’m going to buy the boss. is it undersized the whole mm thing on the scale of size is confusing me.

its just 1 mm bigger then the 888 in width and diameter

thanks, by the way sr almost has 1000 posts!!!

by the way one more question, how durable is the metal on the boss.


You made this thread today, there isn’t much reason to bump it up.

Might I usggest ANYTHING from I Love Yoyo! They are all awesome and smooth and killer and VERY tradeable/sellable. Everyone wants them. Its a company you can’t go wrong with.
Also since you said undersized and not mini, I would also suggest the big Brother Wedgie. I gots two and its friggan awesome!