My mom said I could get a new yoyo...

OK so here are my preferences:

shape: Butterfly (H-Shape or Rounded)
size: undersized or really over sized
weight: 64-70

so waddya think?

You can’t go wrong with the Dv888. I love mine so much.

Ive had one before. Didnt really like it…

What about a TRINITY

Dont like the Dark Magic shape. And its not that over sized its medium.

Do you like a really rounded shape for a yoyo? If you do, than an 888x fits your preferences near perfect. Also, when your giving your preferences, butterfly is the main shape, but there are like 20 sub shapes. The NvX and the hatrick and both butter fly, but if you look at the two shapes they look nothing alike.

i have a maple drip peak i will sell for 90!

Already have one.

I used to have an 888x and didnt like it. I guess I like H-Shape and Round… Oh Yeah and change of plans I can spend 0-70 dollars.

i have a 44 for 50 shipped

If you save a bit more money you could get a genesis, because those things are sweet.

So it’s looking like your best choice right now for a metal would be a Yoyofactory fundaMETAL. There’s a ton for $64.99 and stuff. I would check those out. I would get a Hectic, check that out first.

you good also spend a extra 5 bucks and get a y factor

You should get a Axiom it is a very good undersized yo-yo for the price 72$ on yo-yo crazy and this website. (get it on this website i has faster shipping)

I’ve really enjoyed my chaotic.

Please don’t mention other webstores that carry the same yoyo.

Get an all metal yoyo. :slight_smile:

Do you really need a metal? If not pick up a protostar, I have it and a genesis and they are very very much alike. The protostar will take a beating and perform just as well as the genesis, but the genesis just looks better and can grind…if you care about grinding maybe y factor would be good for you. More stable and rim weighted than my 44 special and amazing grind surface.

Hey Alec! I think I might have some suggestions that you will like:

If you want to buy it like right now, I would go with the new YYF Protege. Its suppose to be the Best FundaMETAL yet.
If you can wait just a couple days, Yuuki’s Signature is coming out in just a couple days. Its called the Yuuksta, and Its suppose to be Incredibly Amazing! But, I dont know how much its gonna sell for.
Also, Some more Excellent Choices would be the Genesis, Severe, Lunatic, and Primo.
Out of all of them, My Personal Choice would be to either wait for the Yuuksta, or go with the Protege or Primo.
I hope you find something in this Comment that you like. :smiley:

i lately got the ilyy Fury. it is in the weight range. h shape. you could call it undersized i guess.