Looking for a good undersized metal

I’m looking for a good undersized metal. Just something with a good response, gap size, and a nice finish for grinding. Having hubstacks or looking awesome are also positives. Anyone have any suggestions?



All of the FundaMETAL line from YYF is undersized. There’s also the Duncan Mayhem and Momentum. CLYW has the Campfire, Wooly Marmot, and BvM. HSpin’s Beysick and Gorylla 411 are small. The SPYY Skyy Chaser is undersized. There is also the String Theory Remnant. There are also some from ILYY, One Drop, and General-Yo. As for hubstacks, there’s a few from YYF, such as the Skyline and 888.

There are also many great plastic options out there.

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Wow, that’s a ton to choose from. I guess I’ll start from there and narrow it down. Are there any throws on that list that stand out as particularly good ones?

yea all the fundametals from yoyo factory are undersized
and there are a lot of other yoyos that apetrunk said that are undersized and the 888 is undersized to

They’re all outstanding yoyos. Undersized isn’t very specific. What kind of shape and weight do you want? That’ll help quite a bit.

Shape and weight don’t really make that much of a difference to me. I think the most important qualities of a yoyo are the response, gap size, and finish. I like the gap size and response on the protostar and the pyro light’s finish. I’m not a giant fan of flowable silicone.

the fundaMetal range sounds good for you the 44 or a DV888 have quite large gaps or the wooly marmot if you arn’t afraid of price

ide defenetly go for a dv888. it was my first yoyo and i still play with it a lot. it fits in your hand perfectly since its so small and really stable. id recomend it to anyone

I really like the following undersized throws: 888x, Dv888, Wooly Marmot, Skyline, and a bunch more. I just can’t name them all. They feel so right to me. What’s your preferences?

You could try the New Breed. It weighs 69 grams i think but it feels lighter than the Kickside which is only 66 grams. It has a really wide gap and a pretty good response. The good thing is it only costs 40$.

the new breed is not under sized at all
it’s specs are:
Width (mm) 44.14
Diameter (mm) 55.85

unersized is more like:
Width (mm) 40.72
Diameter (mm) 50.95

the boss is a good undersized metal

Diameter: 51 mm
Width: 42 mm
Response System: K-Pad (Standard Size)
Weight: 65.3 grams
Bearing Size: Size C (SPEC Bearing)

or 44 it is bout the same
but you can get the 44 special