Looking for an Undersized Metal YoYo

So I have just been looking at my Collection and Realized that I only have Full-Sized YoYos. I kind of want an undersized metal, but I dont know which one to get. I was gonna get a One Drop Dingo, but they are not in stock. I was also looking at the RecRev series of relatively cheap matals, but I dont know if they are small enough. It says they are undersized, but Im not sure if it is small enough, cause it actually looks full sized in videos and stuff. I would like Reccomendations from you guys on the forum. Anything except YYF would be good. Cause I currently only have YoYoFactory’s in my collection, and I want to change that and try some other brands. The highest throw in price would be like $110. Anything under that price would be Great.
Thanks! :wink:
-Cody Wright

So you’re looking for mini yo-yos? The term undersized typically refers to yo-yos with approximately a 50mm diameter, which would be your 888s, skylines, etc. The popular minis on the market today would be the CLYW Campfire, OneDrop Dingo, General-Yo MiniStar, and the STYY Singularity, all of which are well within your price range.

SPYY Supra :wink:

campfire is great yoyo

Wooly marmot, yuuksta, skyline and 888

Onedrop is calling you

I just got a yyf yuuksta in the mail. It definitely feels very tiny. Plays well, but is a bit too tiny for my preferences (when you combine the smaller diameter with the diagonal rims (unlike the dv888 which has the flat rims).