The Boss

So Im thinking about getting the boss and i wanted to know what u guys think of it, and if u could give some specifics that would be great

stop posting these kinds of topics. you have 4 post saying that you want somthing or need some to decide for you. put it all in one topic :-X

DO you like smaller yoyos? The boss is slightly smaller, and Im a little partial to hubstacks, but I played with one at the Tennessee state competition and definitely plan on buying one before they run out. I saw an awesome edition of one with a purple face and black rims, it was insane; I wish I could find one like that. But the feel to it was amazing, it didn’t feel as small as an 888 and where the 888 is as wide as it is tall, it can get sideways-topsy, or whatever, but I didn’t have that problem with the boss that I threw. Definitely one worth seriously considering when looking for a nice, smooth throw for under 100 bucks.

Leteay this i now this is slightly opinion But IT is awesome. i got to try it out at the IYYO if only for a second and it is awesome. If you don’t my undersized get it you won’t regret it. Jm’s post takes care of the rest. ;D