SR's YoYoFactory BOSS review

I almost bought one at BLC. I wanted too… but i bought a B-Grade 888 instead. Here is the Review-

SR’s BOSS Review

The BOSS from YoYoFactory is the signature yo-yo of Augie Fash. “Take an 888, turn up the volume in the rim thickness and you have the right idea. Smooth like it should be.”

This review is part of the Worlds Countdown Product Review Series. I tried this yo-yo at BLC.

First Impressions-
This yo-yo comes in the YoYoFactory standard box. The special edition Augie Fash don’t com in the standard, but the regular BOSS does. No matter what colorway you choose the BOSS is sure to please.

The yo-yo looks amazing when you first see it. The color combinations go great together too. How does it play…?

Product Play-
There are not enough words in any language book to describe how much I love this yo-yo. It’s undersized and feels so amazing in your hand. It is so smooth, I am talking dead smooth. The weight distribution was perfect, too. It has great spin times, a great feel, and a great everything! The play was great, and I would definitely be using this in competitions.

Product Specifications (YoYoFactory)-

Weight- 65.3 gm
Width- 42 mm
Diameter- 51 mm
Response- YYF K-Pad

I love this yo-yo so much. Everything about it is absolutely perfect. I think the price is more than fair for what you get, because it is so amazing. This is currently my favorite yo-yo I have ever used in my life. I would definitely recommend this yo-yo to a friend, and rate this yo-yo 10/10.

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I wanna try it! :smiley:

Nice review!

How would you compare this to an 888?

I’m thinking about getting the BOSS instead of the 888 as its cheaper and it saves cash for another yoyo. ;D

Also, did the thicker rims make it feel much different from the 888?

So why didn’t you buy BOSS instead of b-grade 888 ?? ;D

Hm I heard a lot of good things about this yo-yo.
Geez I need to make a decision. D:

I definatelly reccomend this over the C13.

Because first of all he B-Grade 888 is cheaper than the BOSS and I got a great deal on it. second, they are hard to find. Third I don’t want to pay that much, and foruth, I could just buy a BOSS here.

Ok ok :slight_smile:

And how much for the “normal-edition” BOSS ?? :slight_smile:

You will see when it will release in yoyonation.

Happy Throwing! =]

PS: Nice Review!


Are these already out? If not, how could you make a review on something that isn’t out?

They were available to try at BLC.

Oh, okay.

Sorry… ;D

Nice review!

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Thanks guys!

ur making me want to get a boss lol

Bump, more reviews coming soon.

Why bump them? You could just make the review, and post it.