Like a BOSS

I got my YoyoFactory BOSS and Protostar the other day. I figured that the Protostar already has an overwhelming number of reviews, so I’m going for a review on the BOSS.


  Manufacturer: YoYoFactory  
  Shape: Wing
  Weight (g): 66.10  
  Width (mm): 41.45  
  Diameter (mm): 50.30  
  Gap Width (mm): 5.09  
  Bearing Size (Inside x Outside x Width): .250 in x .500 in x .187 in  
  Gap Type: Fixed  
  Response System: YoYoFactory Silicone Pad

First things first, the BOSS plays just like what it’s called. It’s shape is very similar to an 888 but not quite the same. I like the feel of the 888 more, but that’s all preference.

It’s shaped like an 888 and has nearly the same size. It’s an undersized yoyo so it’s good for fitting through small string gaps. It’s gape has probably taken wide to the limit. You can put it in Trapeze and keep wrapping string layers around the bearing until you have no more string to wrap around the bearing and it’s still spinning away, yet it’s still perfectly balanced which is of major importance if you play fast.

Whether you like the feel or not is all up to the user. All I can say about the feel is that it feels a lot like an 888.

It plays like a dream. Great sleep time and feel incredibly floaty. There’s some times when, if it weren’t for weight, you wouldn’t even know that the yoyo was on the string. Since the gap is wide, the string never snags. Binds are tight too. It didn’t really staisfy me when it came to grinds though. Thumb grinds are pretty good, as are finger grinds. Arm grinds weren’t too great though. Palm grinds worked fairly well though. Overall though, it plays fantastic and is perfect for playing fast.

Overall it’s a great yoyo. If you play fast, then I would put this yoyo into consideration. I don’t like it quite as much as my 888, but… I’m an 888 suck up. The BOSS plays fantastic and is very stable. This yoyo will be up on stage with me in future competitions.

Final Rating:
Feel: 9/10
Grinds: 6.5/10
Stability: 10/10
Overall Play: 8/10
Final rating: 8.4/10

Awesome review. :slight_smile: Try to add pics if you are able to.

Awesome review. Now I might go and buy a Boss…

Great review, all it’s really missing is some pictures.

Thank you everyone!


great review dude.

dear andre,

restock them…