New YoyoFactory Boss

I’m wondering who has tried the new YYF Boss, how you like it, and whether you know how it compares to the old Boss. I just ordered one in my favorite shade of blue. ;D It hasn’t arrived yet, so I’m anxious about what to expect.

I forget the original Boss retail price, but this new one looks like a steal, at only $30. What do you think?

I like it. It’s not as stable as I would like but it’s a fun little throw. I haven’t tried the original boss nor do I have any other undersized throws to compare it to (yet). It made me want an undersized bimetal, which I have on the way

I can’t find it here at YYE–I’ve probably failed at reading again.

How small is it?
Smaller than my kilter 2?

Edit: Never mind, I found it.

I’m curious as to why YYF called it the BOSS as it doesn’t seem to have any similarities to the previous BOSS other than being undersized. The previous BOSS was Augie Fash’s signature throw and was based off of the 888. Augie is no longer sponsored by YYF and it doesn’t seem to share any traits with the 888/BOSS.

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Probably for the same kind of reasons that Ford has called one model a ‘Mustang’ even though it has changed considerably over the last 52 years😳

It basically carries on the Tradition of high performance ‘smaller yoyos’. So since it falls into a similar performance/size category; YYF crowned it with an identifiable name.

Example: the New Superstar has little resemblance to any of the previous Superstars. But if you have played ‘both’ you can easily distinguish that they both perform at a Superstar level.

Every time Tide comes out with a new and improved Clothes soap, they still call it Tide.

Hanging a known name on another product happens all over the World on a daily basis.

I certainly find nothing new or unusual about it.

And if you get to throw the New Boss; any curiosity about the New Boss will fade away with a quickness.

The New Boss is amazingly fun and powerful.

Many years ago when I helped Dale develop the: Mini-Mo, the Mo-Tu and the Micro-Mo; my goal was to show that high performance could be build in smaller yoyos. None of them are ‘alike’ yet they all are smaller, perform well and don’t stray far from the base-name.

The Yoyofactory Boss is ‘a Boss’… I Love mine. And I do know a thing or two about smaller yoyos😁

PS… Google pics of a 1963 Corvette… Then Google pics of a 2016 Corvette. Half a century apart; same name.


I’m with you on the Boss, but the superstars seem vastly different.
Granted, I’ve never thrown the old one, just looked at it so I could be way off.

I think what yoyodoc means is they are a superstar when it comes to todays trends in competition yoyo’s. Exactly what the first superstar was. The name is definitely fitting.

yyf has done this type of thing before, 09 g5 was pretty different than the other g5’s. Even as far back as the grind machine, 99% of throwers will think of the new plastic grind machine.
I do think yyf should simply come up with new names because it won’t give people another thing to pick at haha.

Definitely get a chance to throw the first superstar. It seems to have been kinda left in the dust, and it’s so good.
I’m interested in the new boss, but I prefer undersized throws with a lot of rim weight (like the original) so I’ve yet to pull the trigger on one. Curious to see more people chime in!

Ok I’m with you, that makes sense.

Well put Yoyodoc.  I just got my new Boss in the mail, and I’ll give it a throw today.  I’m digging the new packaging too, it’s a new short YYF box.  The Boss is so small, truly a pocket sized throw.  I found a cool video of the new Boss in action:

Nice! I was waiting for that fingerspin at the end for some reason. I came so close to getting one of these, but ended up with a Little Evil 2. Maybe later…

I was throwing the Boss last night. It’s solid, long spinning, and It’s pretty stable too. It is really small in your hands, a true undersized yo-yo. It’s a little beast.

Next to Shutter:

90%+ of the people buying yoyo today know no other yoyo called BOSS. We like the name, the concept and respect its herritage.


original boss retailed for $65. I like how that one plays better than the new one but appreciate how yoyofactory made a true undersized yoyo even though there isn’t much of a market for them anymore.

I would have to say I like the looks of the older BOSS more than the current one. The older BOSS had more distinct profile and the two tone solid color anodizing used on some of the releases (especially the black outer body with the purple cup) gave it a great look, quite a bit classier than any of the splash jobs. The new BOSS looks rather generic when compared to the older model.


I think this little guy will make an all new name for itself. I’m thinking of getting a red to swap halves and create a USA Boss. What do you think? New packaging too.

Perfect addition to my collection, wouldn’t you say so? :wink:

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I agree. The old boss was such a good looking throw. While I definitely see the appeal of the new one, I wish they would have stuck with the more 888 inspired shape. I love some organic yoyo’s and the market is pretty washed out with shapes like this. Undersized organic would be plenty fun and something different.

We neeed an 888 revamp!!! or an anniversary edition…

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Got to briefly try the Boss today and now it’s on my wants list. Undersized and pretty stable.

I just bought one about an hour ago and it’s pretty great. It’s pretty much exactly the same size as my DV888 but with rounded edges instead of the squared off edges of the DV888. The Boss has a more organic round shape to the inner wall and I noticed that it does string rejections, like in Magic Drop, quite easily.

The smaller diameter means it plays like a small yoyo meaning it doesn’t spin nearly as long. I’ll have to lube the bearing to see if that helps.

The finish is very smooth and works well for finger grinds. Speaking of grinds, there’s a small lip in the rim so you can do thumb grinds as well.

The rounded edges and organic shape make it really comfortable in the hand. So far I’m really liking it.

Unless it manages to dislodge some grit that was stalling up the bearing, lube will always make a bearing’s spin time shorter rather than longer.

New Boss looks pretty cool. I enjoy undersized yoyos, and this one certainly sits at the right price point.