Yoyofactory Catalyst

The Yoyofactory Catalyst is Augie Fash’s new signature yoyo. This is my first review so please tell me how I can improve.

First Impressions- When I first picked it up I noticed that it was noticably heavier than my Gnarwhal. At first I didn’t like it but after the third or fourth throw I started to like it more and more.

Feel- The yoyo is slightly oversized so it fills my relativly small hands. My middle finger fits perfectly in the catch zone and my index and ring fingers rest on the rims. The only thing is when I catch the yoyo it hurts a bit more than my other yoyos but that might be cause I’m used to a smaller yoyo.

Play- When I first picked the Catalyst up it played pretty slow. I didn’t expect this from one of Augie’s yoyos. However when i stopped playing it like my light gnarwhal it played much faster just how I like it. I dont like floaty yoyos and this yoyo is not floaty at all so it fits me perfectly.

Conclusion- All in all, this is a pretty good yoyo. My Gnarwhal is still my favorite but this is a pretty close second.

Pics coming soon

More body to the review would make it better. Just tell us more and more. You should feel like you are rambling on and on.

seems like you write just to write, not to really tell anything, read more reviews see what they come up with and try to reproduce.

nice try, you’ll do better next time

PS: read your text out loud before you publish it, it helps with weird sentences etc…

Jeez if the catalyst plays like u say I’m so so so so so disappointed. I was in love with the boss. I was hoping it would play similar to that. God i am so crushed…I was hoping for a undersized floaty speed demon with the supernova shape :frowning:

To Cheer u up  :wink:
Its Like the opposite of what he said SORRY

I tried one at BAC and to be honest I thought it was fast stable and light feeling. I dont like hyping other yoyos obviously but I met Augie this weekend and hes a really cool dude. I like this yoyo.