Catalyst Thoughts/Reviews?


What are your thoughts on this yoyo? Can you tell me where I can find a review? With both, the more in depth, the better.


Yeah the catalyst is very good. It has a similar shale to the severe. It’s very good. If you buy one upgrade the bearing to a 10 ball or center trac. It really benefits from it. Hope this helps :slight_smile:


Really awesome throw. Plays up there with my code 2 and chief. Not sure about the 7075 version, but the 6061 ones rock!


i love my catalyst. i was shocked how much i liked it based on my normal preferences. (h wing, 63-66 grams, undersized, see dietz, g funk, skyline) also agree that a center track is the way to go with it.


all the latest Catalyst have shipped with a Center Trac either stock or included spare in the box (the green/green splash aand eyyc ones do for sure)


Thanks for the input guys! I now have a Catalyst, but the guy who sent it either lied or poorly shipped and sent me a vibe monster. :frowning: Other than that, though, I really like it.


I just received my 7075 in the mail and WOW. This thing is ridiculous. YYF outdid themselves with this redesign/reboot. From the anodization up to the play, I guess you can call this the Catalyst, but it crushes what the original Catalyst was up to. This yoyo obviously has the same overall shape and the same overall feel in the hand but changing the metal, changing the face…this yoyo is amazing and is worth the extra money over the original Catalyst. I bought it because I loved the purple/black/silver and seriously, I am not trying to write a review, hence only like 4 sentences here, but this thing plays ridiculously well. Nice, nice job, YYF. Thank you for this throw.