How's the stacked catalyst?


I have one on the way and was just wondering how it is.


I was actually thinking of picking one of these ups as one of my first “expensive” throws.


Why is it way cheaper than the normal Catalyst?


it is not made of 7075 like the only other ones on YYE


I love mine. It had a bunk bearing which was inducing vibe. The bearing seems to be some kind of YYF 10 ball? Mine was deshielded upon opening. After swapping the bearing this thing is amazing.


I’m not a huge fan of YYF, but I have to say this one looked really sick!


Probably an Spec X


I’m just up to intermediate tricks. I probably don’t need to worry about what sort of metal it’s made of, do I? If I already love the shape of that yoyo, I’ll probably love the cheaper one, right?


Most yoyo’s are not made of 7075 including really expensive ones

As to whether or not you will enjoy it buy some YYF nubs just in case it is a little to heavy for you. Also 7075 is not necessary and that is why it is a special edition.


I heard this is the last run. You got it just in time!


I will know tomorrow afternoon


Confirmed it is the new spec X bearing. After putting a standard bearing in it is super smooth and plays very well. I hooked mine up with black Z’s.


I love mine, it’s my new go to throw. I feel that the z-stacks make it too heavy and it plays loudly so I’m rocking some normal stacks it came with and it plays like a dream. The bearing that mine came with played fine but I just switched it with an extra center trak I had. The blasted rims are amazing for grinds.

I don’t know how they sell it for so cheap, especially for it being made in America. Even the original catalysts without stacks, blasted rims, and being made in China was more expensive.


You sure the original Catalysts were made in China?


I think it plays best with the Hubstacks, but the Zstacks are more fun to use.



Not exactly sure, but from most other yoyos that YYF makes I can only assume that it is. Plus I feel like they emphasized it more.


Had one of the original Catalysts. They were made in the US as well.



Since it’s not anyone’s signature yoyo, there are no royalties that need to be added to the base price


Most YYF metals are made in the USA. Apparently all those made in China have it lasered on the yoyo.