What is the difference between yyf yo-yos of different price??


I see the yyf metal yo-yos have different prices:

  1. around $40 : yyf shutter
  2. around $80 : yyf supernova yyf genesis
  3. around $120: yyf catalyst yyf super g

SO what is the difference between those yo-yos!?? Honestly, the price is like 2x and 3x of a yyf shutter, but how good they really are?? I own a supernova and a catalyst and I kinda regret of buying that catalyst as I feel like the supernova is overall better than the cat.

Can anyone tell me any major difference besides the price?

(Bína) #2

Different country of origin, different factories and different marketing strategy.


USA made and 7075 stuff tend to be premiums that yoyofactory charges more for. Especially when you take a look at the Genesis SS which makes sense to be more costly. The machining on their more expensive yoyos is normally more difficult to which is why it costs more.


My bad, never know about 7075 metal before or anything like that :stuck_out_tongue:
Thanks for telling me, though I don’t feel any difference :-\


Biggest difference is whatever they want it to be…

material, cost to bring to market, cost to promote, is it Team YYF only…

there are too many reasons for a price range.

do you have any understanding of manufacturing/marketing?



It’s primarily about run size. I’ve learned from machinists that 6061 blanks are only like 10$, and the machining should be anywhere between 20-60. Parts in bulk are maybe 6$, but smaller runs can be maybe 10$ for parts per yoyo. The packaging, anodizing, and all other individual costs add up a bit too, depending on run size. You could get 10 prototypes for maybe 575$, but the larger the run, the cheaper it gets. Besides machining time and complexity and machine quality, this is generally accepted. So, no 6061 yoyo made in somewhat bulk should really be more than 80$ for individual costs.

However, programming the machine can be 500-2000, the software for the design can be a lot too, and getting an artist is also expensive. Not to mention, you have to support yourself and your team, so you have to increase the profit margin. If it the individual cost was 50$ and you sold it for 51$, and the run cost was 1000$, you’d have to sell 1000 yoyos. Most people just make their yoyos much more expensive, so they don’t have to sell as many to make a profit.

Shutter’s are cheaper because they made a lot more of them, they’re expected to be easier sells, and they’re made in China. The ones I have are all vibeless, and play amazingly.