Thoughts on Stacked Catalyst?


I am thinking of getting this maybe now instead of the Duncan Strix or buy the Strix first and the Catalyst later… How does the Stacked Catalyst play? (Grinds, slow or fast, stability, horizontal, tech, any kind of 1A, etc.) My skill level is at the Expert section…


Are you getting them for the z stacks?


I’ve been using my stacked catalyst as a main throw for the past couple weeks and I like it a lot. I play with normal hubstacks and not the z-stacks.

Grinds on this yoyo are really good, they’re really smooth and it glides across my arm without any trouble. I feel this yoyo is meant to be played at a slow to average speed but it can be pushed to a pretty fast pace. It’s not the most stable and can be put off axis easily. I’m not very good at horizontal but compared to some other throws it’s pretty inferior in it’s ability to do horizontal. Like horiztonal tricks, I’m not very good at technical tricks but I can do every trick flawlessly with this. The catalyst also does slacks and whips fine.

P.S. I’m in the expert section too! :slight_smile:


i might be getting it cuz well… lots of people like the catalyst and many YYF metals…plus, $40 less than the original :stuck_out_tongue:
P.S. How does it compare to the stacked Genesis or the Superstar?


Actually, it’s only $5 less than the original, it’s $40 less than the 7075 version.