YoyoFactory Catalyst Review

What’s up guys? Jordan here. I’m gonna tell you about the Catalyst.

Looks: Stunning. Any of the four colors are amazing, but the silver limited edition really caught my eye. I bought it at the the BAC. The engravings are nice, saying Catalyst Augie fash. I also liked the engraving on the rims, showing the logo. I guess you could say it is 3 partial hexagons with lighting bolts through it. The only thing is that since I got the silver, the engravings were a bit difficult to see: whatever! So, looks: 9/10

Performance: EPIC (in a good way)! Judging by the shape, I didn’t think it would be super fast, but it was! It was fast, yet it still stayed smooth. It was like a hot knife through butter. It glided through tricks, dodged mistakes, and kept spinning through the most unforgiving combos. Performance: 11/10

Well that’s all. YYF and Augie have worked their magic yet again. Sorry if this is a bit small, but this is my first review, so spare! Constructive criticism invited!


I haven’t really seen this yoyo yet, have no idea what kind of shape you’re talking about and pictures are also nice to go with a review. :o