YoYoFactory Catalyst V.S. SPPY Pro

I want to know which is better since I am looking to get a new yoyo. I currently have a YoYoFactory Die-Nasty.

As much as every one hates to hear this there really isn’t a best just one that best fits your prefrences. If you have any put them up and compare them with the yoyos. If you don’t have any yet just pick which looks coolest to you they’ll all play great. :slight_smile:

Okay, I’ll make it easier. Which one would you rather get?

I’ve never thrown a catalyst.

The spyy pro is a very unique shape. It’s gonna be completely different then the dienasty. The pro’s extreme angle is great for catching and string tricks but your binds need to be very accurate since there is not a lot of sidewall. It is a great throw but drastically different from what you have now. The catalyst may be an easier transition for you.

I do agree that both are a good choice. But they are very different.

Catalyst because I like YoYoFactory and Augie Fash… Plus it looks cool to me…

I agree

Well, in terms of looks, I think both look cool, but in dollars and performance the Pro beats the Catalyst in every sense. The Catalyst is priced exactly where it belongs, as it does not perform up to par with $100+ yoyo, regardless of Augie’s signature (no disrespect intended because he’s a great player) but after all he’s making a percentage from the catalyst and can make any yoyo he wants look good.

The Pro is a bit heavier but just as fast and will offer more spin time per average throw compared to the Catalyst. And For the same money as the Catalyst, you’d be better off getting the Rockstar 2012 in my opinion as that model offers more yoyo at that price point. And the Raptor performs as well as the Catalyst and costs less, So it’s up to you, if you like the Catalyst shape then go for it because it does have some good points too, but if you got the money, I’d go with the Pro.

lol i also agree ive been thinking of getting a catalyst.
the Catalyst and the pro are 2 different yoyos. The pro has a huge gap, so you’ll have to work on your binds. Honestly there both great, so pick the one you like best or looks best to you.