Diet BK

Anybody else love them?

Yes. Yes I do.

Good collection! I just got my first one from Mark Hayward for twenty bucks at his juggling club. They play far better than the original BK.

Diet RCs are nice too (RipCords).

not to necro(although this board doesnt see much action) but what is the difference between a bk and a diet bk besides that hole in the cap?

I hope you don’t mind if I over-answer this :slight_smile:

The original diet BK was done by Kevin M, and it had a hole in the crown, the crown was lowered, and the body was trimmed down to eliminate the grooves and make it smooth. The body work was the reason it was called “diet” probably, but the hole in the crown mod became known as diet BK. Getting rid of the grooves is nice because the biggest groove can be a pain when learning regenerations; the string can catch there instead of at the tip sometimes when the top is horizontal. Taking the grooves out makes it pretty light, so it is better to just cover up the groove with the “bAd armor” mod (heat-shrinking a soda bottle around it instead of using tape).

The hole in the crown is a huge improvement for these reasons:
1 - reduces center weight and lowers center of gravity. When I do this mod I lower the crown to remove the string groove entirely, and I lower the shoulder a bit so there is more crown to wrap your string around. Taking away all this upper body weight makes it play so much better.

2 - access to the innards. The hole means you can permanently fix the cap to the body which make it 100 times easier when you want to balance it or change the tip or clean the bearings or keep your string inside!

3 - It sounds better. When a regular BK hits the ground it sound like you just dropped a hard boiled ostrich egg. It is a heavy, somewhat sickening sound. The hole and reduced weight make it sound like something that is OK to be dropped, and if you glue the cap to the body there is a very nice, crisp sound that almost makes me happy.

D - It makes you cool if you have one. Attractive people will want to be with you. Totally.

You certainly are over-answering this, considering now you’re just talking about tops in general.

Diet BKs are wicked.

Did you dye that pink one, Chris? It looks killer.

No that’s just florescent spray paint on the inside of the cap and on the inside of the soda bottle plastic that is melted around it.