Alright YoPhosis.... ***short vid added***

You never told me what kind of Top I got from you. lol Oh and I got 3 arm wraps this morning. :slight_smile: The day after I learned to throw it. Love this thing!

Sweet! What you have is what has become commonly known as a Diet BK. It may have started as a Duncan Rip Cord or Bearing King, but the bearing tip makes it a BK and the hole in the cap makes it “Diet.”

Here’s a few that I’ve done:

You’ll notice on these I didn’t keep the cut very clean, I treat it as more of a quick and dirty way to make the top play better than an aesthetic mod… that and I still have a few things to learn about finishing plastic on a lathe :smiley:

The mod is pretty easy with a lathe; chuck it up and drill a one inch hole in it with a Forstner bit. If you don’t have a lathe, here’s another way to do it:,1343.msg13466.html#msg13466

When I do it, I also trim down the diameter of the cap so the Duncan Imperial plastic throwing ring fits over it, so I can do stuff like this:

(video was done with a Spintastics Blizzard)

vid I did last night. The first time I tried it I landed it back in my hand. This time I gave up and well…

it took me forever to learn that trick, i’m still not brave enough to do it barefoot like the superstars do.

Yeah Chris is the bomb diggity. lol

Icthus , next you need to get one of these Neff bad boys!!! I still only play this over carpet :smiley:

Don’t worry Mike. I’ll be getting a Neff Top as soon as I can afford one. :]
Besides he’s the guy that made me want to throw tops. After meeting him at Moyo a few years ago I’ve watched a lot of videos of his. Guy is amazing!

I also want one of those tops that are made by that Mexican guy. heard they are expensive but worth the money. Neff had a few at moyo 2 years ago I think.

Good lookin’ corkscrew! Lots of people ahemKevinM have trouble with getting out of corkscrew. Best advice I have is to practice getting out of merry-go-round because it is basically the same thing; keep it going in a circle and correct the top and when it is close to verticle pop it back up to your hand.

The Cuper top is what I had at MOYO in 2010. It is a good top, but Spintastics’s new Quicksilver is plenty good if you like aluminum tops. The plastic cap makes it play a little better than with the old aluminum caps.

I hope I didn’t blind anybody with my white hobbit feet :-\

My middle son (16) decided to play with my top and now he’s better than me… I love it!