Duncan BK / RC mods

So I’ve been hacking away at some of my Duncan Bearing King / Rip Cord parts:

is that a metal tip on the blue one? Spintastics tip? How did you remove the top part? Lathe or grinder?

PS. Love the one you modded for me :slight_smile:

The metal tip on the blue top was made by Russ Andert. He made some (like 20?) a few years ago, I’m lucky enough to own one ;D It is basically an exact copy of the plastic tip (bearing) and it works pretty good.

All the re-shaping was done on my lathe. I didn’t think I could get a descent finish after cutting the polycarb, but after I saw some of Eric Wolff’s work at Worlds I gots inspired. I’m not the cleanest modder, so the finish isn’t glossy or anything but plenty good enough for me.

you are fraeking awsome