Help with Duncan tips?


Hi, folks! New user, here. New top spinner, too.

I bought myself a BK, and have been having a great time with it. Today, however, I caused a hard “landing”, and broke the fixed tip. I have since installed one of the bearing tips, but would like to find a source for fixed tips.

I found a website selling parts packages for BK’s… 2 bearing tips, 1 fixed tip, a string and button, and a weight ring…for $7. What I’d really like is just a source for fixed tips.

Any suggestions for a new guy?


Hi mailman, welcome to the yye forums.
Pretty sure the tips you want are not sold by Duncan in any other package. I would try to get some by asking around on the spin top forum at . That’s ta (zero) dot com. You can also go directly to the forum at . They have a section for that kind of thing, and you could probably buy some from some members. I don’t know of a way to get tips in the retail world though, unless you could get some direct from Duncan.


Thanks! I have seen the other forum you mentioned, and have tried to sign up, but without success. Whenever I try to register, I get a message telling me that registration is disabled. I’ll keep trying, though…


I am sorry, I had to disable the self registration because of the spam. I thought I had a message explaining this but I guess it reset to the default error message when I had to reinstall the forum. I have now added instructions.
But I have already registered you already :slight_smile:



Thanks! I’ll have to go have a look…