bearing tip

i lost my bearing tips for my duncan bearing king and i want to buy another tip
where can i buy a non metal bearing tip?? ???

From Duncan  :slight_smile:

If you don’t have a bearing inside your top, you will need to buy a bearing kit from Duncan (which has a bunch of different yo-yo spacers also) or just buy a Size A bearing right here at YYE

Duncan has been out of tip kits for a while. for just a little more than the price of a tip kit though, you could get another bearing king top. they come w/spare tip. you can start a little collection…

Order it anyway! Duncan needs to know demand exists! Blargh!

I gotta agree with this. It’s annoying that they show the tips as items for sale but then you look and it says “out of stock” and it stays that way for years.

Why not recommend a Spintastics top instead? Trompo Bearing perhaps?