Looking for Duncan Bearing King spin tops

i would like to buy some. so if you have something (does not need to be mint or MIP)

pm me thanks

Here’s some:


Don’t think they’ll be in stock… or in production, but I don’t know much about Spin Tops.

He wants to buy from a person… not a store, that is he posted in the BST.

Oh, okay.

Couldn’t find any here… try The Nation. ???

Other than that, good luck. :wink:

They are no longer in production :’( :’( But on the good side of things you can buy a Ripcord from Duncan and a Bearing King bearing set and make your very own Modded Beraing King buy putting the two together your self. If you look they are bouth avaliable and they are easy to put together. Have any Questions PM me.