i just saw the ripcord and was wondering if that wud be a better nuy as a first top then the spintastics trompo bearing?

I learned a lot of stuff on my rip cord. In order to enjoy it, you have to be careful with the tip (don’t play over concrete) and you have to balance it and tape the cap. After that it is a pretty good top. A beginner should really have at least two tops, one bearing and one fixed, but if you can only have one for now, i’d say bearing tip.

ok thank you

i agree with Neff, the ripcord is really really cool, but has a plastick tip, that make it rlly sick, i mean by sick that it’s better to play it on a carpet if u don’t want to have trouble to balance it on your hand after that…

I started with a fixed tip Gladiator from spintastick, and for me, yes better to start learning with a bearing, it allowed you to learn easier the balance cause of the spining time.

i got a ripcord and i have the bearing king upgrade kit just i cant get the tip out to change it any tips or maybe a video?

Take the tip in your finger, and pull back the tip from the body… easy , or if it doesn’t work, remove the tape from the body, open the top, and push with a pen or something like that the plastick tip from the inside of the top…

Tell me

i got the tip out and i have a bearing king upgrade but when i put in the bearing tip it wont stay in how do i fix this?

is it a plastic upgrade tip or the one from strummol8 in metal?

If it’s plastick, you have tu put one bearing from inside the body, when the bearing is on the bearing sit, put the tip with the other bearing from the outside…

When this is done u have to put the oring (plastic circle) from inside the body, on the stick of the tip.

in the body of the ripcord, there is a recess that another bearing will fit into, from the top (inside) going down towards the other bearing. it is a two bearing system. then the ‘o’ ring that comes on the tip will hold the tip in, against the inner race of the upper bearing.
you have to drive the bearing into the bearing seat of the top body, i usually tap it in with a small socket or something that doesn’t push apart the bearing.
then you take the ‘o’ ring off the tip, push the tip in from the bottom, then slide the ‘o’ ring back on it from the inside. when the ‘o’ ring hits the groove in the tip, it will seat, and that keeps the tip from sliding back out.

wht kind of bearing do i use on the inside?

it’s a regular duncan bearing. same as the one that comes on the tip, they just don’t give you an extra for the inside.
you want to set it up with the bearings cleaned if you can. it should spin

i cant get the bearing to fit on the inside?

you need a bolt a about an inch and a half long that will fit through the bearing, a washer and a nut. Put the bearing on the bolt, then the top, then a washer, then the nut. Squeeze all that stuffs togethers. If the head of the bolt is not as wide as the outer diameter of the bearing, you can tighten it all the way in. If not the bearing will end up flush with the plastic around it, you just have to find something to use with a hammer to tap the bearing all the way in its seat.

ok ill try it