ripcord spintop review by:duncan

Width-highest point 2(in)
Hight-tip to top 3(in)
About 46(g)
spin time about 120(seconds)
colors: White top red bottom,
Yellow top green bottom

Really good play for beginners
and also advanced players.
The things that come with it is
1 string and butten,“ripcord” ,
1 tip,and spin top.

you can also buy a bearing
king spin top kit.For the
bearing king or ripcord.

“Winding groove” does not work very well, causes more problems than it solves.
Cap is too heavy; it plays much better with a 1" diameter hole in the cap.
Tip is plastic, which is no good for fixed tip (but OK for bearing).
The string that is packaged with it is often too short.
The cap must be taped to the body or it will crack at the locking tabs.

It is convertible into a bearing top, which plays OK.
It is one of the very few tops available these days.
Can’t think if anything else at the moment…

I don’t want to be negative, I want Duncan to make a better top.

I don’t know if I’m out of line here but con: duncan. I have YYF, duncan, and strum8. My Duncan bearing is horrible its like they put gunk in it on purpose. and my strum8 ;D amazing. acrobat… so nice. i dont know its ALL PREFERENCE. ???

:slight_smile: Well, keep in mind the price difference between those three tops. It is perhaps not fair to compare a Rip Cord or Bearing King to an Acrobat or a Giulia. So far, none of these companies have produced a high performance top at a low retail price.

I think all the bearings Duncan gets are greased, you gotta clean them out.

I know duncan should mak a solid spin top that is made of matal not plastic.

Thanks chris