Bearing tip!?

I would like to know if i could trade my fixed axle tip to someone with a bearing king tip, also how do i get the tip off?

i think you just pull it out … mine came out after i threw it wrong lol

The Ripcord tip can just be pulled out, but it’s a bit easier to knock it out from the inside.

The Bearing King tip needs two A sized bearings, and a rubber O ring. These are a bit more tricky to install and remove.

The Duncan button has a notch in one side that you can snap over the neck of the tip and pull it out… But yeah it is easier to knock out from the inside. Be sure to note that the bearing tip only comes with one bearing in it, you need to put another one in the inside, message me if you have problems.

I don’t have one to trade, Duncan has bearing kits for sale somewhere I think…

I bought a bearing king! love it