The Design of the Bonfire


What function does the dimple on the bonfire have or is it just asthetic?


Are you refering to the spike on the hub?


I don’t see a dimple on the Bonfire.


The indentation in the catch zone? (IDK if its actually in the catch zone) its where the string could land on the yoyo while playing.


Ah. I would bet my entire yoyo collection that it’s aesthetic.


Completely aesthetic. :slight_smile: I have no problems while throwing my bonfire.


I disagree with It being purely aesthetic. That small groove does remove a bit of weight and change the distribution of the weight that’s there. If you look on the original proto avalanche, it doesn’t have the grooves, but they were added for the production. Also on the galactic goose, the groove actually has a negative affect with the string getting caught in it. This groove is very very different than the one of the galactic goose, I’m just using that as an example of how that type of groove is more than aesthetic.


I’m betting the negligible amount of weight removed via the groove wasn’t the reason for the groove, though. There are ways you could achieve the same weight distribution without the groove, but the groove was pretty sweet-looking. So it was an aesthetic choice, or at least primarily one.

For it NOT to have been an aesthetic choice, Chris would have had to say, "I need a tenth of a gram of weight remove from exactly this spot. The only way to do that is a groove, so here we go!

Nobody’s saying that aesthetic choices don’t have an impact (no matter how small) on play and weight distribution. Just that play and weight distribution wasn’t the motivation.

The “wings” on the GG definitely negatively impact play… so there’s a huge practical impact for that choice. But it was still an aesthetic choice.


I have nothing to add to this, but I thought I’d throw it out there that I’m really enjoying my bonfire. :slight_smile:


Well said!

Gah, can’t wait for he next run (any week now!), I want one!