Delta Throw Technologies *Official Thread* / New Yo-Yo Designs! /

Welcome to The Delta Throw Technologies Thread. Here, we will post news and looks at some future projects.

As of right now, DTT is looking for members.

  1. String Makers (Of Any Kind)
  2. Yoyo Sketchers and Designers (Both in 3D and in Photoshop) - Already have 1 potential member

If you don’t know who this is, this Team was originally “Shark Tooth Yo-yo’s”. Changed the name.

Here, we will post all info and designs.

For the starting news, I’ve almost finished the designs for our first yo-yo, the “Sandstorm”! After that, I’ll be giving them to our team member, Amdroid, to implement the designs into a 3D model!

Width: 48.26mm
Diameter: 55.88mm
Gap Size: 3.05mm
Bearing Size: C
Response: Central Bearing Co. Slim Pad
Weight: Approx. 64g

Is there any Spots for Competeing and Distributing?

Yeah, forgot to add those ::slight_smile:

But, yes.

How do we send in and Application? :stuck_out_tongue:

i make strings and wud like to be on the team for compete

I’ll put up an application form.

i wanna join and what would the sting makers get like as a reward or something ($, yoyos, etc…)

Don’t know yet. One thing would definitely be close to full profits. Cuz, I’m hoping you’re willing to make a profit.

I’ll be setting up an account for our team on Paypal or something like that. Some stuff, like yo-yo’s, would go there.

For everyone else, things that they make would probably be put in their own account.

The V.1 Sketch up the Temple-X Yo-yo is now up on our website!

I want to try out for this team :smiley:

If you didn’t see my comment, I need a photo of you for the Team page.

Anyway, just as a bit of news, Working on the logo for some shirts :slight_smile:

Isn´t 48mm to wide for a 55mm diameter yoyo?

Maybe, but the 888x is 50mm Dia and 40mm wide. I think it seems feasible that it might work out well, even if it turns out to be a whopper. Lol on the other hand the DM is 56mm Dia and only 41mm wide who knows :stuck_out_tongue: Besides it is just a work in progress, right?

You did look at the yoyo, right?

Anyway, that’s why there’s going to be a prototype first :slight_smile:

Djjjyo was kind enough to do a CAD of the Sandstorm. Although not perfect, I still loved it. So, I’m gonna put it here for your eyes.

Amazing job, dude.

Anyway, Amdroid is working on the official CAD, so be on the lookout :slight_smile:

Amdroid has gotten with me, and we’ve got the V1 CAD!!!

What it will look like at a normal view:

Here’s a look at, basically, the inside of the yoyo.

r u gonna make thiss?
i would love to throw it

who do you have on the team as of now and u said there would be was to apply bout when will that be ready

You can apply here.

And, we have 4 members? If I’m correct. I’ll have to check.

And, yes, in the future, these will become available.