Delta Throw Technologies *Official Thread* / New Yo-Yo Designs! /

posted a app but forgot the link to my video lol

i just applied take a look

i forgot to put thiss on my application but i can also satin, raw, and polish a yoyo

read the comment. both accepted.

I’ll be updating the team page very soon.

i posted but got to make a vid

Is it just me or is everyone making there own yoyos and starting a team?

Just you xD

lol. IDK. seems that way, though. But, this is already a full team. Even have 2 representatives for 2 contests :slight_smile:

New Yo-yo design!

Don’t know what I’m going to call this one…

Just so you know, yes, I know there isn’t an axle cover. Forgot to add it… It will be in the next version.

Also, I will be rounding off edges. Don’t worry.

There are quite a bit of people starting up there own “companies” at the moment though.


Most of them are just kids who “Design” yoyos, the cost of production is usually to much for most to handle.

these are actually lookinng pretty good…

Already have CAD. talking to people about machinists.

I’m 14. Please don’t stereotype :slight_smile: