Alright guys, I’m fairly new to the forum, however I have been throwing since I was a wee little lad. My friend and I are in the works of prototyping our first yo-yo, The Tangent, which should be machined by March or early April. I have no pics for you guys, however I will tell you that it is an undersized throw, about 2 inches, with a width of 44.44mm. It has an H type profile which has been refined and redesigned many times now (I am very finicky about my profiles!) it will weigh in at 67.8g and also features matador spikes. The reason I am sharing this with you is, well because I want to know if any of you are interested in a cost friendly, undersized yoyo. Also the name (Thrown) is up for debate and I would like to know what y’all think. Keep your eyes peeled in the coming months for the development of these little beasts as I’m definitely going to be asking you guys for feedback. Besides, what is the company without the players?

Pics to come


Man, I’m really excited about how this is going to turn out! I know I sound annoying when I say that if you guys need a tester I’m your man!

Hey man thanks for the reply. I’m glad at least someone is into it lol. But yeah man I’ll let you know because I might need a few testers to put the proto through its proper paces.

I’d be up for testing, an undersized wide yoyo with spikes?! That sounds awesome!!

I love undersized throws, and if you are taking testers, I would like to be one. Your idea actually sound like it would turn out nice, and it sounds like it is going to be an interesting throw.

This sounds amazing.

I would be tempted to call the company “Throne” and let the pun work itself out that way. Could work the other way, too, but consider this:

“Thrown” is a past participle word… kinda grammatically awkward. Imagine a running shoe company called “Raced” or a snack food company selling NOT-YET-CONSUMED goods calling themselves “eaten”. It’s not wrong and there are probably clever ways to pull it off, but it’s just initially awkward.

“Throne” is a nice strong noun that can be worked out to the intended word play.

If you call it Throne, then I’m an obvious pick for tester. ;D

You make a very good point. I’ve been pondering something like Throwmatic or something like that as well.

Lol yes you do fit the bill. I want to address all of these requests for testers. We are going to machine 2 or 3 prototypes with each run until it is perfected so if we were to choose more than 2 or 3 testers then it would be like everyone taking a turn trying out the throw. This is not a bad thing though and I would love to make that happen, but every tester would have to put in very valuable input and it might stretch out the process. Keep in mind that this is only our first throw so if you don’t test this one you will most likely be picked to test the others. Also any testers chosen for this will be testing throughout the yoyos conception, so once you give me the feedback I will tweak the throw and then send it back to the same group of testers. It will continue like that until either I or the testers or both feel that the throw is perfect. I appreciate your guy’s interest and continued support, and pretty soon I should have the first proto machined (I’d say in 3 or 4 weeks if all goes well). Also if anyone knows where I could get some bearings in bulk it’d be much appreciated. Thanks everyone.