Chemical Throws! A New Start-Up Comapany!

Hey Guys! My name is Lincoln and I am trying to start up a yoyo company called Chemical Throws! I would love your support and your help. If you have any tips or anything please message me.


Are there any prototypes made or any cad pictures or more info that would be helpful

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I haven’t started production yet, because I am trying to earn money. Check out my BST to help me out. It is on Link45116’s profile. The first yoyo though will be called the VAPOR.

It’s always nice to see new companies starting out. I wish you the best of luck. :smiley:

Can’t wait to try it out man!

I know dude I am super excited!

Good luck when you earn your millions (which you probably will) give me a ride in your private jet!

I’ll definitely keep my eye on this company.

It sounds interesting.

I haven’t made any CADS. Also the first yoyo will be called the Vapor.

We already know that

You should be making cads before you’re thinkin’ of a name man! I want to see something cool. You should make it very angular and fast playing, and call it the vapor because it will turn to vapor if you play it too fast… Haha

Should also learn to spell “company”


Great Idea!

I know how I accidentally clicked another a.

Not what you want to hear, I’m sure, but having an idea and a name doesn’t make you a start-up company. If you have the seed money for the first prototypes and the CAD files, I could probably say you’ve started up. Product in-hand is even better, but not necessarily a requirement.

I personally have a hard time taking a company seriously when they don’t have a website, even if it’s just a placeholder of some sort (but with a real domain name)… Usually just a “contact us” and some sort of timer (until the first product is available) but at least a presence of some sort.

As far as I can see, running a small run of prototypes can cost under a thousand dollars if you know someone who can give a favourable rate on the CAD work and you can find the right machine shop (people seem to be using Foxland and One Drop lately, but there’s GOT to be another shop or two around that can do it!).

My list of things to consider before going nutty with conversations and announcements (this thread was already premature, but what’s done is done!) would be:

  • *** money enough ***
  • preliminary sketches and drawings at minimum
  • machine shop-ready CAD drawings even better
  • branding exercise done (name chosen, logo created)
  • website (optional, but one of the least expensive and most important things you can have)
  • prototypes in-hand and ready for testers to really be fo’ real.

Ok we have an Instagram @ChemicalThrows and I have been trying to create a website and a kickstarter for my yoyos. I have around half as much as I need.

You should probably be doing most of this before you start a thread talking about how you’re gonna start a company. And why in the world would you need to start an instagram? To take photos of the yoyos that you haven’t made? And have you found a machinist willing to work and/or quote you for said yoyos, because it’s gonna be awful hard to set an amount you want to raise without knowing the amount you need. Also, just out of curiousity, how old are you? Your profile says fifteen. Yeah, it seems to me like you have a firm grasp on what you need to do.

I have a machinist that gave me a quote. I have an anodizer. I know how much I need with the yoyo axle bearing and response. I am in fact 15.

That’s awesome. Don’t let age set boundaries for you