Inertia in Motion - Inverse ***Review on Page 9***

Hey guys,
I would like to finally announce that I have made my first yoyo! I have been trying to form a yoyo company and as of right now the name is Inertia in Motion. The yoyo I have made is in its finishing stages and its name is being called “Inverse”. But enough of me blabbing on… here are the specs ;D

Yoyo is made of 7075 T6 aluminum

Diameter: 2.195 inches/55.75 mm
Width: 1.765 inches/ 44.83 mm
Weight: 69.6 grams

This yoyo I designed was inspired by an unknown Japanese prototype. I really liked the profile shape of the Japanese prototype but had to completely redesign pretty much everything else (including diameter) because the proto felt too heavy, I didn’t like the way it played and there was a ton of unnecessary weight. After cutting off a ton of center weight and make it more suited for 1a play, this is the final result; a yoyo that had a similar profile shape with everything else changed and revised.

*Just a side note, I pretty much stink at using CAD and rely on my cousin who’s in a machining business but I still draw out the designs :smiley:

**Another side note :stuck_out_tongue: The prototypes are for sale at around $85-90 each. I would like to sell these so I can raise money for a real anodized production run. PM me for details and any questions ;D

Need testers and reviewers? Im your dude ;D

I’ll need testers and reviews soon ;D Just need to raise some more money and finish school.

Nice, shoot me a pm when your ready :slight_smile:

That thing looks epic! I hope when you sell it, it won’t cost too much. ;D

That looks very nice in pics and from the specs. I also would be interested in testing it out for ya. Good luck with the new company

I’d love to test and reveiw this as well please pm me when your ready

Thanks for all the offers on being testers. Never expected so much feedback within the first hour of the post :smiley:

Ill test and send back in perfect condition

How does it play and what price point did you have in mind?

I can’t really say how it plays that well since I’ve only been yoyoing for 7 months. I personally feels like it plays solid but feels lighter than 69 grams and it can play as fast/controlled as you want. As for the price there’s nothing set in stone but a rough guess would be around 80-100$. (I hope my adequate description of how it plays is good enough :P)

This thing looks amazing! Cant wait to eventually try one!

Could you possibly give me the specs in mm?

from what I can see in the pictures, this baby should be an awesome thumb grinder! the weight is a little heavy for my taste, but since it has deep rims it probably collects some air and seem a little lighter while playing… I can say I’m looking forward to trying one!

PS: As a physicist, I LOVE THE NAME of our company! ;D so if you’re looking to design a logo I might have what’s right 8)

They’re up there already.

It doesn’t actually have an IGR, so thumb grinds really only work if you throw the yoyo horizontally.

If today turns into a sunny day, I’ll go outside and get some nicer pictures than the ones Instinct posted.

Me and my zero feedback would love to test your expensive yoyo!

Do you have one of these?

Since he’s one of the founders of Inertia in Motion, I’d assume so

Wow, why didn’t I see this thread until now? You really have something here. I’m serious, this thing looks stunning, and it looks like it plays even better. I absolutely am loving the specs on this thing and the shape looks incredible. It reminds me of a YYR crossed with the 3yo3 Ti yoyo mixed with a little Deadly Spins Pride. I would love to try this bad boy out and mess around with it for while, it looks so great! I cannot stress enough how good this yoyo looks, I love simplistic looking yoyos, not ones with all these steps and crazy weird designs. I love it, love it, love it!

You play your cards right, and you could be the next big small company! haha

I know people already offered to test it out but I’ll just throw my name up there as well. I’d definitely be interested in trying this thing out. I’ve been a member of the community for 4 years, I’ve tried hundreds of yoyos, and reviewed many as well. I could do a video with it, a full photoshoot, pretty much anything. I’d love to try it out! Like I said, I know a few people already asked, but if you want somebody else, just shoot me a PM or email me at .

Good luck with your prototype, we gotta see some sick anno on that thing, and you will have a winner on your hands.

Spencer Reynen

Nice design, and looks wide, I like wide yoyo.

May I be one of the testers as well… :stuck_out_tongue: