Inertia in Motion - Inverse ***Review on Page 9***

Wow I need one! I hope I will be able to sometime!

Looks like a cool design.

To everyone else. Stop being thirsty

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My school finals are next week so as soon as I finish those, I’ll be PM’ing some people about being testers and reviewers ;D Sadly I only have around 4 to send out at a time.

Thats awesome! First come, first serve right? :wink:

Pretty much first come first serve. I would prefer more experienced people who have been in the yoyo community for a while (as a bonus :P) but mostly those who asked first. Going to try to make a few more prototypes so I can get more testers.

The Yoyo looks amazing and I would happily test your yoyo for no cost. I love the name

I said before, I was looking forward to trying one :stuck_out_tongue: I hope that counts ;D

Every thought of shooting a short clip throwing it around? I’d like to see it roll…

Might post a video this weekend. Too busy studying for finals and I have a ton of homework/reviewing to do so yoyoing hasn’t been high on my priority list lately :’(

Ggeeeezzzzz can’t wait! Looks soooo amazing!

You should feel set for production. Just look at the interest you’ve sparked in the YYE forums alone.

I would like to start production but I’d rather start with baby steps since this is the first “real” business I’ve been in.

Eagerly waiting for more updates! …and a pm :wink:

Looks like a fantastic design!

This thing plays GREAT. I loved it.

Alright, here are some more pictures i took outside today.

Really happy with the way it plays. Jon and I have to discuss testing, so expect some updates in the future.

Looks real nice, i really want to get my hands on this one :slight_smile:

I played with one a bit at MA States and really liked it. I’d love another chance to try it.

I love the look of that design it looks like it might play a bit like a HOT mixed with an Acraphobia(totaly different feeling yoyos so I dont know what to make of it). I cant wait to try it out because I know it will be different.

Lol, it plays nothing like an Acro. Acro is much lighter.

Looks Like a super wide except squished the curves and not so Awkward to hold.