Review of the Inertia in Motion Inverse

I started a review not too long ago of the LunarWind by suggesting that I’d been really lucky to try out some excellent throws designed and produced by YYE community members. This is a review of the next in this series, which is the stunning Inertia in Motion Inverse.

So I should start out by saying that there is one of these on the BST. If this is still available then go and buy it and then come back to this review. Take out a loan, sell your favorite throw for cheap, sell some hair, call in a favor, do whatever, just buy it.

Ok, now the actual review:

Page :,62039.0.html

Material: 7075 T6 Aluminum
Diameter: 2.195 inches / 55.75 mm
Width: 1.765 inches / 44.83 mm
Weight: 69.6 grams
Response: No idea but mine now has silicone in it.

So my pics can’t do this thing justice, because they’re a bit budget, but the page above has sweet pics as does Mullicabob’s PC thread. Here’s my poor attempt, with the IiMI compared to a Sleipnir:

This thing came raw, it’s a proto, but I had it PC’d. I love it, and it won’t leave my collection, so I wanted to make it look crazy cool. The comparison against the Sleipnir shows it to be considerably wider but not a large in diameter, with a similar two step idea; however the first of those two angles is defined by a slightly concave shape rather than convex, ensuring the lines make it look even wider.

I’m afraid I don’t have an insight into packaging or anything at this time, but in a proto does anyone really care. You’re really reading this to find out how it plays. Well here goes.

It’s excellent. It was pitched to me as being comparable with Japanese throws, built for play/spin time/stability. Well it really achieves a superb balance between these. My recent review on the Gambit said that it really suited my play style because it was weighty, and this also clocks in at a hefty near 70 grams! With the additional width, this weight is actually really nicely distributed delivering long spin times but also being stable and not as prone to tilt as most wide throws, even to the point where tilt is trivially corrected for. And I can’t say I know how that happens, typically one might use some wall to correct for tilt, but you don’t need it here and I honestly can’t fathom it. I think it’s mystically built in.

As far as speed and nimbleness goes, this is equally surprisingly agile. Again the weight distribution doesn’t make it feel clunky, and actually I’m not a speedy player but this is so forgiving that I can push it out of my speed comfort zone and I don’t have to worry about losing control because the slight heaviness always reigns me in touch. With the LunarWind I felt I immediately played out of control, having the yoyo spin out on me because I simply didn’t have the skill to deal with such a featherweight feel. Here, the balance is there such that I don’t lose stability and control. It’s really a delight.

The catch zone is really carefully shaped, making it easy as all get out to hit, and potentially providing a great grinding area depending on how the yoyo is eventually finished. It came with a profiled bearing I believe, and as a testament to it’s play, I haven’t tinkered with it at all. It didn’t need it. It’s outrageously smooth and superbly machined. I quote from Mullicabob:

"I usually don’t rave about throws. I cant say enough about this one though.

I currently have one in my shop that’s going to be powder coated and it is amazing. One thing I get to see first hand doing the polish, powder and blasting is the quality of the machining on different throws. I’ve always been a huge fan of Turning Point’s, YYR’s and General yo’s machining. I would not hesitate to put this along side or even above them. It’s just that good.

Details have not been overlooked on this one people.


See - two reviews in one. That’s value that is.

Ending theme:
So I have to bring this back to my Sleipnir comparison here. Being told in advance that a ‘homemade’ throw compares to YYR is a lofty statement to make, but this lives up to this swagger in every way. And swagger is really what this throw has. It’s not as lightening quick as the Sleipnir, but it’s probably a reasonable comparison to say it’s Gleipnir like - it’s crazy happy on the string and with it’s middling pace it could be thrown by all. The breadth is a little disconcerting at first but once you play with it you realise that not only is the width a design theme, but it also affords superb weight distribution. This seems much more agile to me than the Gleipnir, and I’ll be honest, since having this arrive I haven’t thrown my Gleipnir or Sleipnir since. Not that this is better per se, but boy does it belong in this kind of prestigious company.

Production - I think this is going to be produced on a larger scale. If the width doesn’t put you off then make this a priority. It’s going to be a really reasonably priced throw for the exceptional quality it contains.

Finally, a picture says a thousand words. Well motion pictures must say an awful lot. So go to the end few pages of the Inertia in Motion thread and watch it’s makers throw it around. They’ll show you what a competent thrower can do with it.

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Thanks for this review. I’ve been curious about this yoyo since I saw them put it on the bst. It has a really nice look to it.

Thanks for the review! Glad you like it!

Great review, thanks for posting it!