Lunar Wind by Jekyll & Hyde SPINS

Jekyll&Hyde SPINS
Lunar Wind
Thursday 1:00PM
-Package Arrives
-Ready with a dry 10 ball bearing
-Fetch sharp object (for opening package)

What I found…
J&H spins Lunar Wind
Diameter: 56mm

C bearing 19mm pads
3 BYYS (Big YoYo Strings)
and a lot of peanuts (of the packing variety)
-Assembled throw with 10 ball bearing (as detailed earlier) and BYYS Candy
In the hand. Not perfect (I prefer organic shapes) but far from uncomfortable.
10 minutes of throwing…
-Being a prototype had a little vibe (which I later tuned to near zero).
-Not too heavy but you know where it is.
-Response seemed a little “grippy”. I would probably silicone this if under ownership.
-Stability was above average. On not so perfect throws it tends to balance out well.
20 minutes after unboxing…
(changed to centertrac bearing)
-Loving the shape of the catchzone.
-The shape of the gap even in its raw state have a very nice finger grind area.
-Playing very well on the string (centertrac treating me better).
-Hub spikes are very capable of pull starts.
-Inner cup edge makes it very hard to matador (I have big hands).
-Lack of IRG makes thumb grinds lose momentum but are still very possible.
30 minutes…
Was going to play video games but could not get away from the Lunar Wind.

Days later I had my son and nephew give it a “whirl”.
-They both loved the catch zone and the overall experience of the throw.
The following weekend had brought the Lunar Wind with me to the New Hampshire Yoyo Club anniversary/contest.
Got several other experienced throwers to test it out and give some advice which have been passed along to the appropriate sources.
I am not well versed in horizontal/sideways play, so I had a couple “amazing” players test this ability on the new throw and it was successful and proficient.
I did not throw 5A with this yoyo but I am sure it wold be very capable of that style also as it felt stable and not to heavy.
My view on the sample string sent with the Lunar Wind.
BYYS Candy- Which played well, overall average yet soft.
BYYS Type 1- Really enjoyed slacks and whips were consistent and smooth
BYYS Candy Slix- Was not my cup of tea frayed fairly quick

A couple more pictures.

For further information or just to check more about this throw/company follow the links below.,49674.0.html

Thanks for reading my first review. I hope you enjoyed it and found it informative. In the event I do this again (or to request a review) let me know how I can improve etc.

I also created packaging for these sweet little throws. I f you want to see them or get a reaction just let the guys in charge over at J&H know you wanna see it (I am not letting the cat out of the bag). In conclusion thanks to all parties involved in putting this in my hand.

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I’ve been waiting to see a review. Enjoyed reading it and checking out the pics. And frankly the throw looks great - game on!

I Quite agree with the Stability
I was shocked at how stable it was haha.
I’m Glad you all like it so much!

We plan to release 3 versions of this bad boy
This version.
The Original design
CP1- What the Reviewers say would want changed etc.
SP1- What Sean, and I would change to make this perfect for our liking

Oh man, if all three of these are going to be released how on earth are we supposed to choose which one we want? Maybe all three? At very least I reckon the last one has to be picked up. :slight_smile:

This sounds like a great idea. I wish some other companies would try doing this. For example, I love my Genesis, but sometimes it feels a little too heavy, something I’ve also heard other people say. Yoyofactory could release a lighter Genesis, but still keep the other version.

65 gram Genesis would be awesome :o also can’t wait to get one of these!