Jekyll&Hyde:SPINS Lunarwind review


Lunarwind review

First off, the specs

Diameter 56 mm
Width 42 mm
Weight 66.3 g

Second, looks
This yoyo looks great, the spikes, the rim, everything. It has the same type of thin rim as the a la mode and cascade. First thin, then thick. 10/10

Third, play.
Feel: It has a more solid feel, not like a rock, but a nice in between feel. It sort of feels like the arctic circle, but not quite. 10/10

Stability: it’s not the most stable yoyo, it’s not unstable, but it could be better.

Spin time: the spin time is good, better then the cascade, but not as good as say a chief. 9/10

Speed: it’s not a super fast yoyo, due to the not so super but still good stablaty, you can’t go super fast, like trying to do the speed combo Hiroyuki Suzuki does as fast as him, because it starts tilting and losing speed. 9/10

Spikes: very fun to play with, and the spin times on them are fabulous! No problems here. 10/10

Overall: 9.1/10

Fourth, bearing.
I hate to say, the first day, the YYE ceramic bearing it came with became completely responsive. So I replace it with a center track and from there everything went perfect. No score.

Bearing seat: The bearing seating is very nice. The bearing does not stick in it like a yoyofactory. It just pops right out. 10/10

Conclusion: This yoyo is up there with the best. I prefer it over my arctic circle, g2 Nessie and onedrop cascade. As it may not have the stability for the speed of pros today, it is still an amazing yoyo and everyone should have a chance to try one. Thank you to Jekyll&Hyde:SPINS for letting me be a tester for this fabulous yoyo.

Score: 9.1/10


This yoyo was released? Where?


it has not, I was a tester for it.