New Inertia in Motion yoyo!


Inertia in Motion unnamed yoyo:

Inertia in Motion is a start-up company, and they’re bound to keep growing! Their first yoyo final prototype is a good grinder, while it may not be the best due to it’s raw form, but for a raw yoyo, it grinds great. Their new yoyo also has this little area that works very well for finger spins, and it has a wide gap. I can’t explain the whole thing, so it’s best that you would get one for yourself. It’s got a real nice bind to it, too.

Contact forum user Instinct to get your hands on one of these today! Limited amounts.
P.S: I’m not quite sure what the name of the company or yoyo is, I’m just going bythe inffo I was given, and also I’m the first to own one of these! ;D

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Pictures would be helpful


A video might help or some specs


Ill post some specs/pics later. Pretty busy today.


Maybe tell how it plays? Fast, stable, etc.?



Hold on, hold on, I’m going to get to that. Sorry I forgot.

Here are the specs:

Diameter: 2.195 inches/55.75 mm
Width: 1.765 inches/ 44.83 mm
Weight: 69.6 grams

It plays really well. The bind is snappy, and it does not knot easily, unless you do a trick that obviously is going to get the yoyo into a knot. I’ll get pictures later.


Just a suggestion but it might be a good idea to sit down when you actually have some time to put together a quality announcement, and get all this information and content together, and THEN put it out all at once in an organized and professional manner, rather than piece by piece.


Thanks, I’m sorry I didn’t do that. Thanks for the suggestion. I would appreciate getting pictures from Instinct, because for some reason the pictures aren’t getting to the forum. I’ll try to write a full review when I have time.


I’ll take some pictures of mine soon and post 'em.


Thanks! Much appreciated!