Rotational Inertia ( a 3d printed yoyo company)

Hey i’m running a kickstarter to create a 3d printed yoyo company an would really like your support.

You didn’t mention you were starting a business in your email asking for Side Effect dimensions this morning.

As I had mentioned in the email, Side Effects do not work in plastic so you want to figure out a different axle system.

We do offer licensing on our technology, but I don’t see why you would want to pay for that when it doesn’t work with plastic.

I’d appreciate if you could remove mention of using Side Effects from your Kickstarter as well stating that your design is based off of one our yoyos.

I like your enthusiasm but I’d recommend striving for more originality. You can’t really be using other peoples stuff at will.

Update: Looks like it’s been edited. Thank you.


Between royalties to One Drop for most of the design as well as the side effects, and royalties to clyw as well (name drops aren’t as cheap as one might guess), are you going to have anything left for yourself? Copyright/patent infringement aren’t generally taken lightly.

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With all due respect I do not think 3d printing is a viable avenue for yoyo’s at this stage in the technology. Sure you can do it but your product will be far more expensive than anything you can turn on a lathe. Lower tolerances, slower production times, and the medium will be more expensive regardless of the type of 3d printer. There are other things but I’ll just keep it to myself for now.

May I ask what type and brand of 3d printer you plan on using?

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So for $100 I can get a proto of your yoyo, and a 3D printed item.
Or, I can pay $60 for the yoyo and then pay $25 separately for the 3D printed item?

I will be using an Ultimaker2, and I edited it, so it’s not using any of clyw or OD’s stuff

this seems like yet another example of putting the cart before the horse. it seems like you should do a lot more research before taking anyones money. my first impression is that the image of your yoyo isnt round. i understand its just a graphic model, but still… saying that you were going to use side effects (unauthorized) is a problem, not even counting that they dont work with plastic yoyos at all. it seems like a bad use of kickstarter to me. if i were you i would pay out of pocket for any prototype yoyos made, and then once the design is refined you could produce, and then advertise and sell some product. it should also be considered that you are trying to sell a product on the forum of a website that sells yoyos, without involving them at all…

I know this sounds scary; but I actually fully ‘agree’ with Nolan on this Kickstarter.

It actually sounds like the OP is saying, 'If you guys can front me 5 grand; I will try really hard to figure out how to design/make a good Yoyo.

Better idea to come to the Forum show something seriously looking close to a good finished Yoyo. And then saying, 'I’m ready to Rock; I just need a little help.

I think the cart before the horse; phrase; is right on the money.


before you try to print this thing, please be aware that this design you have here, will not work out.

the weightring is not connected to the V-shape part. the connection is only a circle. if you print that you will get 2 parts or weightring only loosely connected to the V-Shape part.

and second, i doubt that a thread cut into the plastic will be durable enough for a metal axle. i would suggest a hex-nut on both sides, like @ speedaholic and merely every yyf-plastic. simple, yet effective

This is exactly what he is advertising.

so your saying you don’t know how to design a yoyo and don’t know how to use a 3d printer yet your asking for 5 grand? And you don’t have an original design? … at this rate i can make my own comapny too if this goes through!!!
Plus my dad’s work has a 3-d printer I’m halfway there!!! Plus i can design a yoyo! Okay guys, who is willing to put money into my company then? its already 2x better than this guys if your willing to donate click this link
abby’s totally real not fake at all wild goose chase of a kickstarter