Deep State: running it unresponsive vs. responsive?

How do you like the guts in that Deep State? To me, it seems like it’s as unresponsive as a responsive throw can be.

I use heavy lube on the bearing, so it’s quite responsive. This kind, Super Lube with PTFE (teflon):



I mean that specific one. The seller told me the guts were switched at MonkeyFinger and it’s way less responsive now.

Yeah, it was unusually UNresponsive for a deep state, that’s true. Regardless I Super Lubed it up and now it’s very REsponsive.

Good to know. I thought I’d bought an unresponsive and was scratching my head until it zipped back up after a few jerks.

Tips on lubing it?

  1. Get thick lube
  2. Slap it in there

The good news is that thick lube (for responsives) is a dime a dozen, it’s everywhere. Most household oils are thick style. Also you can’t apply too much, that is basically impossible, so any amount you put on will be right.

It’s the THIN lube (for unresponsives) that you usually have to buy special, and you have to use teeeeeny tiiiiny amounts of to get it right.


And with that, another topic to research further. I swear to god I thought yoyos were just a simple toy not even two weeks ago. And, in an effort to keep this on track:



Ah, I thought this deserved its own topic, because it IS possible to run the Deep State unresponsive… just clean the bearing, which is clearly the way it came from the folks who applied the Monkeyfinger ano, whoever they were…

From the official page for the DS

We are helping to solve this by releasing a semi-responsive metal yo-yo that fits nicely in the pocket, comes with a standard C size bearing and Flow Groove pads for easy maintenance, and is equipped with Side Effects for customizing the look and feel. It’s our vision of the yo-yo as a fidget toy.

Also it ships “lubed”, which I assume means “thick lubed”:

We designed it with flush response pads, a fairly narrow gap and it ships with a lubed bearing installed.

First, bear in mind that the Deep State, unlike many (most?) other responsives, uses a normal C bearing. It achieves responsiveness by insetting the bearing on each side, into the aluminum cups, thus narrowing the gap to typical unresponsive gap widths. This is pretty cool because you now get your choice of bearings to run in it. :wink:

A Deep State with a cleaned bearing would probably be called “semi-responsive.” Why? Although the bearing indeed spins smoothly once cleaned of any thick lube, the gap is still much narrower than a normal unresponsive. But I never use my Deep States that way!

Does anyone run their Deep State semi-responsive, with a cleaned bearing?

Nice. I love the size and the way it feels in the hand. Probably why I bought another one this afternoon…

Well, I have one of the Gray Scale ones showing up early this week and that one is straight from OD so I’m interested to see how they compare to each other.

Good choice; greyscale is a really cool colorway, actually. I have that on a 2016 benchmark V. It’s like the ultimate colorway… with NO COLOR… WAY!

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Yeah, when I googled it, I really liked it.

I’m thinking of picking up a Teal Deep State, but I want to see a picture of it first (drums fingers)…



Yep. I made the right choice!

Responsive is the way for all slim yoyos.

Care to elaborate?

True… ish… but bear in mind from 1999 onwards pretty much all yoyos were VERY slim in general! The great enwidening happened much later.

I don’t get having a competitive setup on a Throwback/Pocket yoyo like the Parlay or the BOLT2.

I’ve run my Deep State Unresponsive for fun, by putting in a center track bearing from my Shutter and using some slim string. I wanted a little pocket throw to be able to work on some binds. I haven’t tried a 1/2 spec C yet in it, maybe I will and make it a super looper for a day and shoot some moons.