Unresponsive Deep State

Got the thick Dif-e-Yo shims on the recommendation from @YoYoExpertGarrett and threw in some rubber O-rings from the hardware store. Plays really well actually. Other than the width of course, it feels almost exactly like a Wedge on the string.


Deep States are one of the coolest looking yo-yos of all time IMHO…man I love them.

I have 3 atm…1 set up as really responsive, 1 semi and 1 unresponsive. I actually really enjoy throwing the unresponsive around once in awhile.

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Thats a really cool colorway. Ive never seen a Deepstate in thst finish. Whats that finish called? G2 has a very similsr colorway but the name escapes me at the moment.


Why all this versus simply thick lubing the slim C bearing? I am not clear.

He’s not looking to make it more responsive…he’s talking about making it unresponsive here.

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Ah I missed that my bad! Topic makes much more sense now :slight_smile:

Though if you really want freakishly narrow UNresponsive then the Old School Throws Resto is the way to go.


I was looking to not buy a whole new throw, though the resto does look really nice. There is also the Huatian ROTOR I’ve had my eye on.


Not sure the name of it. @Da5id or @The_Machinist could shine a light there. But if it’s not called Shiny Dragonite then I disagree.


Holy #### that thing is gorgeous!

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How’d you set yours up to be really responsive? I like responsive throws sometimes and am always trying to make mine more so.

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I’m just using a well lubed bearing and double looped the string around it.

Ah, makes sense. I don’t actually have any thick lube. So maybe I’ll have to pick some up.

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I used 3-in-one oil that I found at walmart for something like $3.
It works well as a thick lube out of the bottle…but you can also mix it with mineral spirits to make a nice thin lube as well…


Thanks so much I am doing this now!!!


Awesome! :smiley: Let us know how it turns out for you :smiley: